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To think the new M&S men's ad is a bit 'Redpill'?

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Lanark2 Tue 05-Apr-16 05:57:12

M&S have launched a menswear ad that concludes with a tiny woman (artificially?) placed in a giant chair that is clearly too big for her. I presume this is a very clever satire on positive discrimination, but not sure what else it adds to the appeal. Has anyone else seen it?

mumoseven Tue 05-Apr-16 09:11:28

At 4'10" I have been sitting in oversized chairs for years.(dies laughing at own hilarity) Is it a TV ad?

oliviaclottedcream Tue 05-Apr-16 09:27:09

I see that there are parts of the world where women are systematically repressed and abused OP. There are human rights catastrophes for both sexes in fact and
that's where we ought to be concentrating our attention.

Do you really think this sort of thing is a valuable use of your time and mental energy?

plantsitter Tue 05-Apr-16 09:34:07

Haven't seen the ad, but Olivia don't tell the OP what it is justifiable to worry about. This kind of thing is the thin end of the wedg. Repression and abuse is the thick end that is slowly permitted by insidious seemingly small stuff.

I mean, as I haven't seen the ad, it might be... grin

JackandDiane Tue 05-Apr-16 11:40:53

Wtf is red pill

oliviaclottedcream Tue 05-Apr-16 17:40:34

I didn't tell anyone what to do sorry if you read it that way. I asked a question. making my opinion quite clear.

The trouble is it is very much the thin end and there is no wedge.

And yes WTF is red pill? I'm too embarrassed to Google it

Buzzardbird Tue 05-Apr-16 17:44:03

Redpill is an "Angry Men's Rights group" according to the press.

CaptainMarvelDanvers Tue 05-Apr-16 17:52:58

TheRedpill subreddit started off as a subreddit for obnoxious pick up artist techniques and is now just obvious misogyny which they don't try to hide including saying shit like "all women really want to be raped, it's a biotruth". It's a cesspit, there is another subreddit called TheBluePill which takes the piss out of TPRers usually by reposting what has being posted in TRP and then ripping it to shreds.

SmellsLikeMiddleAgeSpirit Tue 05-Apr-16 18:00:55

This is the ad:

I'm afraid I concluded the same as you, OP. I can see no other explanation.

BillSykesDog Tue 05-Apr-16 18:21:42

Christ almighty. If anything I thought that it was saying that she had already climbed up ahead of him. But this really is a case of finding something to be offended by because you want to be offended.

mumoseven Tue 05-Apr-16 22:20:22

I thought he looked nice misses point

KatsutheClockworkOctopus Tue 05-Apr-16 22:25:30

I made the mistake of googling redpill. I now need brain bleach after seeing the hideous misogyny that these people (and this is the terrifying bit) genuinely believe.

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