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AIBU to have a little sulk?

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threeelephants Mon 04-Apr-16 22:28:55

My birthday was last week, we were away on holiday. DH (who is normally very good) forgot my cards from him and the dcs, so apologetically told me I had to wait till we were home. Ok. My present was (and still is) in the post. Ok. I couldn't pick the outing we went on that day as it was the only day the weather would be nice enough to do the activity we had planned. All fair enough. So we got back yesterday day time. No mention of anything from him, until he gets in from work this evening and notices the one card I have on the shelf, that I received in the post today from an old friend. So he rushes to write my cards. Then my dad arrives...with no cards from him, or my mum. I have two other family members who would normally send a card and/or give a present...nothing. Nothing from any friends. Nothing from my in laws.
I'm not fussed about presents and I know I was away on my birthday, but I just feel unappreciated.

sweetbabyray Mon 04-Apr-16 22:40:49

YANBU (although you will probably be told that you are)

No advice but I would feel shit in your position too.


Vintage45 Mon 04-Apr-16 22:44:06

Of course you aren't being unreasonable. Your DH should have made it up to you, he should have got something else then. He's an arse, but Im guessing you already know that and want it confirmed.

redexpat Mon 04-Apr-16 22:46:33

YANBU! Belated Happy Birthday!

AgathaMystery Mon 04-Apr-16 22:47:51

YANBU. DH has now set the bar for his next birthday.

threeelephants Mon 04-Apr-16 22:53:45

Thank you all. He genuinely isn't usually hopeless. On the actual day I was fine with it, had a few nice text messages etc. But to come home to absolutely nothing...
When he got in from work I expected flowers or something....but he hadn't even remembered about the cards until he saw the one I had.
I know lots of adults aren't bothered about birthdays, and I genuinely don't want presents...certainly not expensive ones. But we do celebrate them in our family, this is the first time in my whole life I've had no cards. (Well, I have 3 now-one from my lovely friend, one from dh and one from the children, but they are very late)
I'm a brat, I know.

wannabehippyandcrazycatlover Mon 04-Apr-16 23:01:04

YANBU I would be thoroughly pissed off.

Happy belated birthday. Agree with pp about setting the bar for his birthday....

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