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DP cancelling our anniversary! LTB?? (lighthearted)

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DaniBubbles Mon 04-Apr-16 15:59:58

So my 'D'P has just asked me if we can rearrange our anniversary meal so he can go to his mate's stag do instead! shock Paint Balling during the day and a meal/piss up in the evening.

After much deliberation with a friend, I have decided upon the following punishment: He pays for my daytime entertainment- shopping, spa day, lunch with friend. Also evening entertainment- dinner out with friend with as much wine as we can glug down. As well as the anniversary cancellation fee of at least £100 for a new dress. Reasonable or should I just LTB??? grin

In reality, we will just reschedule the meal for the Friday night and this works in my favour anyway as I didn't actually want to go to his mate's wedding wink

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