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To complain to the council

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TheoriginalLEM Sun 03-Apr-16 19:48:32

There is a new lot of council flats around the corner from us. I have just walked past and one of the guys from the flats shouted a load of unpleasant comments about my breasts. This particular family are often hanging out of their flat window (a large patio type window, 2nd floor) smoking weed and i noticed a lot of duplo bricks that had been thrown out onto the road.

Now to be fair, its water off a ducks back, i'm rather blessed in that department and am used to comments hmm but someone younger and less confident than myself would feel really intimidated by this.

All the other families seem to be fine. These are new flats so all new, young families from what i can make out so i wouldn't imagine they would be thrilled at that sort of behaviour from their building.

Should i complain? Don't tennants have to abide by certain standards of behaviour? behave like decent people like everyone else If this were a private house, i'd have no comeback and like i say, im not to preturbed by it, i just muttered idiot and walked off.

ScarletOverkill Sun 03-Apr-16 19:57:57

Which department would you complain to?
I doubt they would be interested

beepbeep Sun 03-Apr-16 20:01:30

yes, complain. it may be that others in the building have put in complaints about their behaviour, it all helps their case if there is one.

You'd complain to housing!! hmm

TheoriginalLEM Sun 03-Apr-16 20:08:48

Thats a good point beepbeep. However i suspect, sadly, that scarlet is probably correct. I am just worried that this will be the tip of the ice-berg if thats what goes on during the afternoon.

There was a small child standing in the window too angry Am assuming this specimin was his father. He wasn't a young person.

MammaTJ Sun 03-Apr-16 20:16:46

Nope, complain to the housing department, or at least find out if it is council or HA most usual nowadays. You may find that the rest of the block have been complaining already and your complaint is the thing that pushed them into action!

They cannot take the word of just one person, or even people who appear to be ganging together, but you, as an outsider, may tip the balance in the favour of these people who have to live with them day in and day out!

ForalltheSaints Sun 03-Apr-16 20:18:13

Complain- you may be OK but they may be making worse comments to others.

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