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Summer woes

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Catvsworld Sun 03-Apr-16 19:39:22

And so it begins my neighbours are very noisy by any means

A couple months back the music was so loud when dh knocked they couldn't hear him and we could hear the lyrics word for word

Now it's summer I am dreading it they don't seem to grasp just because it's light doesn't mean it's not late they were outside gone 10 last night and my dd who is 3 bedroom backs on to the garden

They are out there now shouting there frogging heads off and I don't think there going in any time soon what I don't understand is they make so much noise and have a child the same age as mine how dose he get to bed

Also another bug bear is they refuse to fix there fence won't let oh fix it just being akward as didn't like being told to turn the party down ect

And they have 3 massive dogs that poke there faces through the fence and bark at my dd who is now very scared of dogs

They also don't walk them so they shit in the garden and just as last summer when it starts to get warm the piles of shit no doubt will start to stink and be covered in fucking flies oh the joys of summer

Eliza22 Sun 03-Apr-16 20:35:52

Move? Seriously, is it a possibility?

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