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AIBU to lose all hope that domestic and general will ever replace my cooker

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dontdoitchicken Sun 03-Apr-16 14:20:02

What exactly will it take for domestic and general to replace my cooker?

My cooker is under extended warranty or guarantee whichever one it is which says they will replace it when needed but how do i get them to say it is needed?

It turns on by itself now and there great response was to turn it off at the wall!! i did ask why i was paying for this sage advice and they just are sending another engineer out to look at it again!!

So far it has had 7 motherboards, 2 lots of new glass on top, 5 new hop rings, 11 new nobs, 3 lots of new heating pipes, 1 new door and a whole host of bits and bobs i can't remember i mean surely it would of been cheaper for them to replace the whole cooker twice by now so why the hell won't they replace it?

zaalitje Sun 03-Apr-16 14:37:00

Message he's the UK MD

Ifailed Sun 03-Apr-16 15:09:23

How old is the cooker? Your first port of call is with the retailer, they have a duty to provide something 'fit for purpose'.

maggienolia Sun 03-Apr-16 15:15:27

I feel your pain. We had the same issue when D&G tried to fix our dishwasher
. 5 visits and a stack of parts later they were still trying.
Eventually DH lost patience and rung up and complained very unpleasantly.
They finally replaced it.
Have a glass of wine from me.

mrsm43s Sun 03-Apr-16 15:37:45

I had this with D&G and my washing machine.
It repeatedly went wrong, and they repeatedly fixed it, but each time the diagnosis, part ordering, engineer visit and fixing process would take around a month in total.

Finally lost my rag when a repair on my, by then, nearly 10 year old machine took nearly two months to schedule, due to constant cancelled appointments on their part. I put in a formal complaint, and the complaint resolution team were actually really great. They paid for a new machine. I have not taken out further extended warranty!

I'd suggest that getting on to the complaint department might be the way forward.

dontdoitchicken Sun 03-Apr-16 19:33:49

I've had my cooker 4 years i think so its long past the initial warranty stage but what i don't understand is when my washing machine broke under the same guarantee with domestic and general they came out said it would cost more to fix than replace and just gave me a new one, the cooker however they just seem to want to fix and it doesn't ever work properly.

I mean it has cost so much for them to replace the parts are for the engineers its unreal. The problem is that they tell me my cooker isn't meant to reach the temperature it says and that is just a guide so that's what they mainly come out to fix is the ovens and the halogen hobs on the top that shift or don't work

xxxbingbunnyxxx Sun 03-Apr-16 19:55:29

We had this issue with our washing machine, after multiple call outs and a rude engineer we complained via the resolution center. We asked them to write off the machine which they can do and will replace like for like but you do have to pay off the reminder of your policy. We had 2 weeks left so we paid nothing but delivery.

dontdoitchicken Sun 03-Apr-16 20:00:03

That is interesting bingbunny as i have just had my renewal through the post so i cant be far off from it being finished.

dontdoitchicken Sun 03-Apr-16 20:00:26

Now that is interesting because i have just had my renewal through the post so i could do that i guess, how exactly did you do that

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