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HELP! Does anyone have spare tickets for The Next Step tour?

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EnoughAlready999 Sun 03-Apr-16 12:25:59

Or knows of a way to get some?

An eBay seller let me down and the last few restricted view ones at Birmingham
Town Hall seem to have sold overnight which is odd.

I'm interested in tickets for Birmingham, London or Manchester.

Please help!

EnoughAlready999 Sun 03-Apr-16 15:56:27


0hCrepe Sun 03-Apr-16 20:46:07

I just looked after reading this as my kids love the next step and it looks like tickets are available on the Sunday in Salford?

EnoughAlready999 Mon 04-Apr-16 10:30:54

Not when I looked sad

0hCrepe Mon 04-Apr-16 13:13:52

I looked on here and it looks like they've added new dates too. Or am I barking up the wrong tree?!

JsOtherHalf Mon 04-Apr-16 16:27:30

Salford sold out for this weekend.
However there are new dates from October, including Manchester.

SwedishEdith Sun 10-Apr-16 18:41:57

Keep checking - I looked by chance on Thursday and picked up 2 tickets for today. There are returns coming back all the time.

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