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get it out before she pops 2

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littlemaemae Sat 02-Apr-16 00:35:05

Following on from aibu to take dd3 to a&e

SpaceDinosaur Sat 02-Apr-16 00:35:53

I'll link to the original thread

summerdreams Sat 02-Apr-16 00:37:47

Still rooting for you and dd littlemae. The advice people have given you is really good this is going on far to long I find this thread very scary.

Nancery Sat 02-Apr-16 00:38:06

Hi OP, Im hoping this thread will be far shorter than the last one! x

TheDailyWail Sat 02-Apr-16 00:38:54

Marking place on the new thread and hoping this thread is where it all turns a corner.

SpaceDinosaur Sat 02-Apr-16 00:38:55

If you're on the ward, waiting, can you use this time to start writing out a timeline of everything that has happened. Get everything recorded and written down?

sailawaywithme Sat 02-Apr-16 00:40:06

Sending you strength from across the Atlantic, OP.

ExpressTrainComingThrough Sat 02-Apr-16 00:40:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

giraffesCantReachTheirToes Sat 02-Apr-16 00:42:18

Following you over. This thread should be faster to load for you too.

Am hoping so much that they help dd

MissBeaHaving Sat 02-Apr-16 00:46:01

another one here Mae,hope you get chance to read my last post on the other threadthanks

MissBeaHaving Sat 02-Apr-16 00:49:07

Meant the post at 0.32 not lady post

RobotMenu Sat 02-Apr-16 00:53:25

Wanting to add support flowers

CointreauVersial Sat 02-Apr-16 00:55:45

Stand your ground! We are all here for you.

EduCated Sat 02-Apr-16 01:13:30

Surely the absolute minimum at this point should be a clear care plan to understand what interventions will be made and at what point? I can't believe they just keep sending you away with such vague answers.

perfumedlife Sat 02-Apr-16 01:17:04

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

littlemaemae Sat 02-Apr-16 01:19:06

Still not been seen.
Initially refused pain killers, then finally had some bought to us.
Still no bedding.
She's crying in pain.
I just want to her to get help and us go to sleep

zozzij Sat 02-Apr-16 01:20:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

littlemaemae Sat 02-Apr-16 01:22:02

It makes me feel sick that if I hadn't gone to 10000 gp appointments this week and lost my temper with that nurse that she would have been left in this condition with zero monitoring.
We are in Northamptonshire.
I don't know what reputation the healthcare trust has.
A girl Who's sister I knew died here a few years ago due to neglect in care after an appendix op. She bled to death on this ward, she was 16. Poor thing.
Speaks for itself

EduCated Sat 02-Apr-16 01:22:59

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Ginkypig Sat 02-Apr-16 01:24:57

I assume you have a perfumed life to cover the stink of your personality!

littlemaemae Sat 02-Apr-16 01:27:19

We have been on the ward since 11 perfumed life, waiting for a doctor that we have still not seen.
I am rubbing her back while I type.
I have been trying to get her to 'safety' and co operate with HCps all week to no avail.

VimFuego101 Sat 02-Apr-16 01:27:50

Oh do jog on perfumedlife. The OP has had great advice on here and has every right to continue posting.

MissBeaHaving Sat 02-Apr-16 01:27:57

Time to kick things up a bit ,find out who is in charge at the moment & demand a doctor,tell whoever you ask that dd is in pain,you are worried & if anything happens you have made notes regarding her care & will be putting in a formal complaint.

You've come this far,push it now for the sake of minimae.

MissBeaHaving Sat 02-Apr-16 01:30:04

How long has it been since the enema?

WhingyNinja Sat 02-Apr-16 01:30:50

Ignore perfumedlife OP, you're a wonderful mother and doing all you can for your DD.

I really hope she feel better soon, I am SO annoyed at how you have been treated and how you are still being treated!

Once your DD is feeling better please take some time to write complaints as its really not on to leave a child in this condition.

Sending you hugs and positive energy! X

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