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To think you should get some sort of incentive to use self-check out tills in shops?

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angelos02 Wed 30-Mar-16 16:12:37

Seems mad to me that you are doing staff's work and you get nothing back. Even just 10% off the total of your bill would be a start.

8angle Wed 30-Mar-16 16:17:23

You don't have to use them! I use them if the queue is shorter - i guess that is the incentive!
Also because the shops don't have to have so many staff they are able to sell food cheaper - so you are benefiting!

Jessesbitch Wed 30-Mar-16 16:17:30

'Even just 10%' 😂

That would be £15 on my last shop for about 3mins...

Autumn2014 Wed 30-Mar-16 16:18:24

I think that they presume the main incentive is that the queue is shorter than the staffed belts, only because they ate,taken up with people doing large amount of shopping and self service is usually restricted to baskets only. Or maybe another incentive for some people is that you don't need to interact with a person.
I think the only way they'd get rid of them was if we sabotaged using them ie made multiple mistakes and needed the assistance of a member of staff to unlock and cancel the codes. It works for them because they need less staffand better profits , but if was staff and time intensive then they would reconsider...

NeedsAsockamnesty Wed 30-Mar-16 16:18:27

I think we should have an incentive not to set the bastard things on fire

grannytomine Wed 30-Mar-16 16:21:33

I think the incentive is not having to chat to someone. I don't like shopping and cheerful, chatty checkout operators get on my nerves. I'm not rude to them but don't want a chat. For some reason people like to tell me their life stories, my husband finds it hilarious, he stands at a distance laughing and then asks me for all the details as I stomp out. Of course I have to smile and look interested as I don't want to be rude but honestly I am not interested.

Sparklingbrook Wed 30-Mar-16 16:22:38

The incentive for me is not having to speak to anyone and to pack my shopping at my own speed.

What's your take on Scan & Shop? grin

WitchyPoos Wed 30-Mar-16 16:27:58

The machines do still need manning by staff though. To approve age restricted items and to keep them ticking over, be there when they go wrong and to oversee to make sure no one is stealing.

I work in a supermarket and its part of my job to man self serve tills (I man the kiosk, costumer service desk, a main till and self serves)

Happy for anyone to ask out or have a rant at me about the machines lol

EatShitDerek Wed 30-Mar-16 16:31:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magoria Wed 30-Mar-16 16:33:09

I think the incentive is we don't all get hammers and bash the bloody S$%Q£$TG5 because they NEVER work properly.

WitchyPoos Wed 30-Mar-16 16:33:16

And just 10% off your bill to scan your own shopping..... members of staff only get 10% discount but that's because we work there lol.
Shops would have no money left if they gave everyone who used self serve 10% off lol

JeVoudrais Wed 30-Mar-16 16:49:31

Self serve works properly if you know how to use it (98% the time I would say) There! I said it. I use them multiple times a week and never have any problems. I used to work in retail and people generally don't understand that the bagging area is a set of scales and anything leaning on it that hasn't just been scanned will cause errors. The worst culprits are light items eg. Chewing gum when you've got heavy things already there, it struggles to detect it if you lightly place it. Conventional Self serve without the belts were never designed for more than basket shops.

YABU to think there should be an incentive. Don't like it, go join the big queue.

Zucker Wed 30-Mar-16 17:02:11

The incentive for me is that I don't have to stand behind someone counting out the entire bill in pennies. They're free to do that and I whizz through the self service and everyone's happy.

Redderred Wed 30-Mar-16 17:21:04

I use them so I don't have to talk to anyone
That's incentive enough grin

wasonthelist Wed 30-Mar-16 17:24:21

I would genuinely like to know why I can never, ever use one of these for a shop of more than 1/2 fully packaged items without needing the assistance of a staff member. I don't take things in and out, or even jiggle stuff about. I ensure each item has scanned before placing it in the bag - and yet, 100% of the time, something goes wrong that needs a staff member - why?

Sparklingbrook Wed 30-Mar-16 17:27:52

I have had many a successful use of the self serve checkout recently. Although Morrisons have replaced 'unexpected' for 'surprising' which is a bit confused when there's something 'surprising' in the bagging area.

GraysAnalogy Wed 30-Mar-16 17:28:31

For god's sake.

The incentive for me is that it's much quicker and I don't have to speak to anyone.

'you are doing the staffs work' hmm

carthorsespullcarts Wed 30-Mar-16 17:29:40

I must be really thick blush. I'd say 50% of the time I use one the 'call for assistance' tab flashes up.
Disclaimer I've worked in a shop and understand scanning.

SavoyCabbage Wed 30-Mar-16 17:31:02

Just 10%!

I like them. I'd pay more to use them.

notamummy10 Wed 30-Mar-16 17:32:47

Why do you need an incentive to use self-checkouts? I use them mainly to avoid social interaction... Until the machines goes on a hissy fit, fuck off with your unidentified object in the bagging area

I only go to a manned till if I've got a trolley full or I'm buying alcohol!

RortyCrankle Wed 30-Mar-16 17:32:53

I've never used one - I think 10% is a bit OTT and no-one is forced to use them are they.

AdrenalineFudge Wed 30-Mar-16 17:37:42

If we were to apply your logic across the board we'd end up back in the stone age.

RedToothBrush Wed 30-Mar-16 17:38:02

You don't have to endure thoughtless rude remarks from staff on the self service till.

That's enough for me.

sallyhasleftthebuilding Wed 30-Mar-16 17:38:20

Hate them! Always some staff member hanging round in your face - or swiping at the screen -

"Please scan your next item" Ffs I have 3 kids arguing over who's turn it is to scan the bacon - back off -

HandsomeGroomGiveHerRoom Wed 30-Mar-16 17:39:36

Arf @10%! How much do you think the checkout person earns in the five minutes (probably less) that it takes to scan your shopping and take payment?

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