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To think that Twinings Lady Grey tea changed flavour?

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centigrade451 Wed 30-Mar-16 12:04:05

Lady Grey has always been a staple in our home as I love the tea.

The last six months I have experimented with own label Lady Greys at M&S and Waitrose. I had really missed my Twinings Lady Grey but I just didn't have space so waited til the others finished.

I bought it yesterday and took it home and made it and I was like WTF? It tastes completely different to how it used to - it tastes almost identical to the M&S one which I thought was not very good at all. I feel like it is missing a key flavour, but I am not a tea expert so I can't figure out which one. Even DH noticed (without me telling him) and he is usually oblivious.

Am I the only person to notice this?

walchesterweasel Wed 30-Mar-16 12:10:41

Me too ! I've just opened a new box after a spell on coffee and I thought I'd put the wrong tea bag in the mug, definitely something awry

Andrewofgg Wed 30-Mar-16 13:01:58

I'm glad it's not just me. I'm obviously having delusions in good (MN) company.

BananaInPyjama Thu 31-Mar-16 03:54:30

All of Twinings now tastes like dishwater.
I despair of finding a good Earl Grey teabag.

glueandstick Thu 31-Mar-16 05:36:56

M&S decaf earl grey has been my saviour during pregnancy. But I agree, the twinnings lady grey has changed. And not for the better.

QuerkyJo Thu 31-Mar-16 07:52:03

I agree, I thought it was just me. I now drink F&M Countess Grey which is much nicer.

The only way I can use up my existing Twinnings is to disguise it with lemon.

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