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to have the right hump...

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goldface Tue 29-Mar-16 01:36:20

DH and his mate were doing some diy this pm which turned into staying to watch some bank holiday telly with a few beers. I've got work tomorrow and dh has the kids (8 and 12) tomorrow. DH who whilst lovely in every other respect, has form for getting pissed and staying up v late on occasions like this. I went to bed at 11 and he promised to pack in and come to bed by 12. He's just come in, knocked a few things over, stumbled into bed snoring and farting and stinking. I'm on the sofa too stressed to sleep and worried about leaving for work in the am.

VimFuego101 Tue 29-Mar-16 01:43:52

I wouldn't have an issue with this apart from the fact he came into the bedroom and woke me up rather than just sleeping on the sofa. That was rude.

SpaceDinosaur Tue 29-Mar-16 01:44:32

Wake him up before you leave. Rudely and with cold water if necessary and go to work.

How sensible are your 12 and 8yr old (are they on holidays?)

Or. If you are gagging to prove a point, cancel work and sit in the house silently. Let the kids do whatever, just don't let him hear your voice until he emerges ready to parent.

TheBouquets Tue 29-Mar-16 01:44:41

Does he suffer from hangovers? He could be ok for watching the DCs tomorrow especially at 8 and 12. I would suggest that he does not drive because chances are he could register on a breathalyser.

lertgush Tue 29-Mar-16 01:48:15

You should absolutely go to work tomorrow.

Bogeyface Tue 29-Mar-16 01:54:17

Says that he cares more about getting pissed with his mates than making sure the kids are ok tomorrow because you are at work.

goldface Tue 29-Mar-16 08:31:43

Thank you for replies. He's fine and said sorry for the epic snoring and says he should have slept on the sofa. Guess kids will have a bit more tv than usual this am!

Irn2bru Tue 29-Mar-16 08:36:21

My husband does the same sometimes. Never gets a hangover which I find even more annoying (I need another child free day just to recover from a night drinking!) hope the kids enjoy there telly!

arethereanyleftatall Tue 29-Mar-16 09:15:35

Don't worry about this whatsoever. Go to work as normal. No need to be remotely in the hump either. If he has a hangover, that's his problem.

goldface Tue 29-Mar-16 09:15:39

I think that's why I panicked? Cos if I went to bed like that I'd be totally useless for the day!

ArmfulOfRoses Tue 29-Mar-16 09:20:49

I have a 12 and a 9 year old and one of my favourite things about that is that I now don't need to spring out of bed the second I hear them in the morning.
Maybe I'm just a terribly lazy parent but they can get their own breakfast and put the TV on can't they?

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