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ASD/Sensory Processing and tattoos? AIBU to ask for some advice?

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LemonySmithit Tue 29-Mar-16 00:08:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ConfuciousSayWhat Tue 29-Mar-16 00:14:05

It is noisy and it is irritating. Like someone setting off an electric toothbrush attached to an amplifier next to your head whilst scratching you with a needle.

I struggle with the noise the most and don't have asd. A small tattoo should only take half an hour or so, can you stand that much irritation for that period of time?

BoopTheSnoot Tue 29-Mar-16 00:16:08

All I can do is describe the sensation to you, maybe you can compare it with past experience?
To me, having my tattoos done felt like a cross between intense, localised pins and needles; and having sunburn and someone scratching it. A weird, burning but numb sensation. Most tattooists are very understanding, especially if it's your first time. Just let them know that you might need a break, they will stop if you ask. They will probably let you lie down while they do it too. Hope that helps!

ConfuciousSayWhat Tue 29-Mar-16 00:16:31

Can you take some ear plugs with you? Have you stood in a tattooists to see how you'll cope with the noise, smell, chatter etc? If you can manage that then the pain is the bit you need to work out if you can manage

LemonySmithit Tue 29-Mar-16 00:16:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ConfuciousSayWhat Tue 29-Mar-16 00:17:57

Sunburn is a very good description. Sunburn that you run a comb over repeatedly.

LemonySmithit Tue 29-Mar-16 00:18:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BoopTheSnoot Tue 29-Mar-16 00:19:20

Yeah I'd say someone running a comb over sunburn is as accurate a description as you'll get without feeling it for yourself.

LemonySmithit Tue 29-Mar-16 10:15:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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