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Desperate2012 Sun 27-Mar-16 17:17:10

So I do genuinely want opinions not just to rant. DS is 4.5 and a bit of a picky eater. At Fed half term we found out that he hasn't been eating lunch (which has already pissed me off because despite me asking no one from school said there was any issue) so we started sending him in with a packed lunch and lo and behold a child transformed. Then suddenly last wee he stopped eating that too, but this time we know because it came home. So turns out the school was putting an egg timer in from to him over lunch! Two issues for me (1) why didn't they tell me there was a problem at any point in the last 2 months? (2) this singled out DS, clearly made him feel bad mad was blatantly ineffective (3) doesn't work with him. Never has. So AIBU to be really miffed about the lack of comms from the school? Is this a reasonable or normal way for them to deal with a problem, to not engage the parents at all?

BoopTheSnoot Sun 27-Mar-16 17:22:22

The school put an egg timer in front of him at lunch? Was it to time him or impose a time limit on his eating? Either way it's not a nice way to treat a little one.
I agree, if there is a problem with his eating habits, they should speak to you first. He is only four after all.
YANBU. It's unfair to single a child out and make a bigger deal out of something that he already struggles with.

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