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To ask if any of you have bought a Neff oven with touch controls in last 6 months?

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Morehastelessspeed Sun 27-Mar-16 12:39:27

Hi there, desperately trying to choose appliances for new kitchen. Ha decided on slide and hide door which only Neff do. Want single oven and microwave combi but the combi is now only available in the new premium range with touch screen controls. Reading online reviews and forums, it seems the Neff touchscreen controls are really poor and don't work properly. Anyone have one who can comment? Mumsnet is my go to when making decisions like this and can't find any mention.

I wish we could just stick with old fashioned knobs!

Morehastelessspeed Sun 27-Mar-16 14:27:49

Just checking this has worked...can't see in conversations

TheCrumpettyTree Sun 27-Mar-16 14:34:11

I don't know, we have the old version. However we have the single oven plus an oven/microwave and it's great. Love the warming drawer too, if you've got room.

boodles Sun 27-Mar-16 14:41:02

I have the aeg combi oven microwave which is touch screen and I love it. I considered the hide and slide oven but when I really thought about it I realised I wouldn't really use the function and I would be paying quite a bit extra for it. I got the aeg oven which cleans itself and matches the microwave. I also love it. Be aware the hide and slides oven cavity is smaller than Usual, this also put me off.

Morehastelessspeed Sun 27-Mar-16 14:54:12

Thanks both...helpful to know. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need slide and hide but I think it would make a real difference because of where we're putting the oven.

mrsmonkey14 Sun 27-Mar-16 16:29:22

Slide'n'hide rocks. Esp when you have pregnant bump in way. But ours has normal buttons, sorry.

IpreferToblerone Sun 27-Mar-16 16:45:26

Slide n hide here works great. Neff combi oven control panel bad news. Technician has already been out and is due back out this week ( grrrr didn't have the part with him last time even though I stressed 'it's the control panel!') he told me it's new software ( I'd assumed it was a hardware problem) - hoping to be up and running this week. The combi oven works, it's just sometimes you have to press the power button about twenty times before it reacts - so very annoying in the mornings when you just want your porridge!

TheCrumpettyTree Sun 27-Mar-16 17:02:18

Slide and hide is great. I'm using it right now fact fans.

Morehastelessspeed Sun 27-Mar-16 19:27:11

Iprefertoblerone that's exactly what I feared. But if it's a software issue does that mean that if I bought one this week we wouldn't have the problem?

Thanks for other comments re slide and're convincing me even more it is a 'necessity'

katemiddletonsothermum Sun 27-Mar-16 21:50:50


Morehastelessspeed Mon 28-Mar-16 09:58:10

Any positive stories?

IpreferToblerone Tue 29-Mar-16 08:21:06

Sorry More, I don't know if it would still be a problem. I'm on my second one (only purchased it in the autumn, they swapped me a new model in January but same problem). We are using it, it's just annoying that's it's not 'instant touch' but more like 'twenty times' touch 😡 Hopefully when he fits the replacement control panel we'll be fine, fingers crossed. It's all covered under Warranty, just a pain.

Morehastelessspeed Tue 29-Mar-16 14:58:47

Thanks Iprefer. Does sound a pain, I couldn't be at home for all the engineer appointments with work to consider! Hope you get it sorted.

IpreferToblerone Wed 30-Mar-16 21:39:18

Ahh but teenagers on school holidays have their uses! 😉

Marmaduke10 Wed 30-Mar-16 23:03:48

Hi, we were fitted with new Neff products (steam oven, slide & hide oven, microwave combo oven & 2 warming drawers) in September. Have had the microwave replaced & now chalked up 8 engineer visits (on 1st name terms with Eddie!). Same problem here, the touch screen panels just stops working, has to be rubbed down with dish towel, few curse words then left for few minutes...eventually would manage to start microwave successfully. Neff replaced full unit but now having problems with sparking inside microwave (to extent that blew the power one evening), are now waiting for replacement telescopic rails and tray. Used steam oven last week (eh 2nd time since Christmas Day) & screen conked out for few minutes, really frustrating when waiting to pop cake in oven. I normally video my attempts at pressing non responsive icons, otherwise engineer doesn't believe me. I love ovens (once they are working) but really wish just had a simple knob to rotate. Also pretty frustrating, when setting timer have to scroll through initially in one second increments, takes a bloody eternity to get to 10 minutes plus. And 1000 combi microwave appears to have half the heating capacity as my old faithful £50 model from Currys!!! But they do all look fab and slick in wall....hope this helps!
Ps. When I enquire with Neff & engineer has anyone else reported similar problems to me, am told no!

IpreferToblerone Fri 01-Apr-16 12:30:59

Marmaduke there are problems - just google it - I came across one on the reviews on the JL website! I said to my engineer 'it's on the web' and he remarked oh it's reached the web has it!

Morehastelessspeed Fri 01-Apr-16 22:11:00

Ugh, you've both confirmed my fears. Thanks marmaduke, that's really helpful. I may have to give up on the slide and hide dream and get another brand. Or buy a neff oven with dials and a different brand of combi which might look odd. So frustrating. My new car has touchscreen everything and I bloody hate it...I miss turning the heat up and down with a dial.

antyant Sun 19-Jun-16 21:11:52

For what it's worth, I had the unit replaced on my slide and hide and now it does respond to my touch. As they were out of parts (funnily enough) for my combi oven, the engineer updated the software . This has not made one bit of difference and I even find myself trying to turn the bloody thing on with my nose or tongue.

And so I await yet another visit....yawn.

Mummyme1987 Mon 20-Jun-16 13:04:56

I have slide and hide because of my wheelchair. It's fab. Got knobs in mine though. Only thing I don't like is the shelf supports. Stupid distances for shelf heights.

OldRedHen Tue 29-Nov-16 11:58:42

We had a Neff Hide and Slide oven fitted, as part of a new kitchen, in August. We are having huge problems with the controls which seem to have a mind of their own. Problems have ranged from the oven refusing to turn on, turning off of its own accord (half way through baking a genoese sponge), or even more alarmingly turning on of its own accord and refusing to turn off. The engineer called once, but Sod's Law dictated that the oven was working properly on that day and he could not find any faults. He is coming again tomorrow. I'm increasingly freaked out by the problem, since there are six of us for Christmas Day, I have a party to cater for between Christmas and the New Year, and in February I'm giving a WI talk on baking macarons, for which I need to start preparing samples.

We also have a Neff microwave and induction hob, both with touch controls. Neither has any faults, but the timer on the microwave runs up very quickly making it difficult to set. The temperature controls on the hob are also a bit fiddly to set, but I still prefer the touch controls to knobs.

Ifeelyourpain2 Tue 29-Nov-16 12:05:48

We have the slide and hide with touch controls and have had a couple of occasions where the oven won't respond further than being switched on, I have to leave it for a while then go back to it, very frustrating. The other annoyance is when I use the inbuilt meat thermometer it switches itself off after 15 minutes, despite it being nowhere near up to temperature.

I have only had the problem a couple of times though and otherwise I do really like it.

GiddyOnZackHunt Tue 29-Nov-16 12:18:23

We very nearly ended up with a Neff combi earlier this year but decided for various reasons to have Bosch instead. The pull down door is a bit annoying but other than that it has knobs and the more basic touch screens are absolutely fine.

CotswoldStrife Tue 29-Nov-16 12:24:43

I have a Neff slide and hide (but with knob-controls) and the door has broken - I need to call the engineer out! It is a fab door when it works though!

SeptemberBlues Tue 29-Nov-16 13:21:20

Have new one –basically you just need to make sure you have warm fingers, otherwise it's fine. We've got used to it so quickly (as you do with odd household quirks) and it's well worth it for the slide and hide. (We literally just blow on our fingers and it takes an extra 2-3 seconds, but the John Lewis guy told us it's the old-style knobs that are always the first thing to break on an oven, so we don't mind this slight oddness.)

EastMidsMummy Tue 29-Nov-16 14:00:51

Had ours for a few months. Hide and slide and touch panel. No problems so far.

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