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FIL keeps feeding 2 yo crap

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mixedfruitlyf Sun 27-Mar-16 09:38:03

He says it's a treat but twix, moam, flumps, fruit shoot, coca cola isn't a treat!
I've tried explaining that I'm so uncomfortable with it but he says I'm mental for not allowing sweets angry

TimeToMuskUp Sun 27-Mar-16 09:53:35

Your child your choice. Stand firm.

DS1 was fed on lovely, nutritious foods from the minute he began to eat, and I was a bit strict about his diet. DS2 I stopped giving a toss when he became one of those dreadful fussy DCs and I suspect if I looked closely his primary diet would consist of shortbread biscuits and satsumas. He's as healthy and ridiculous as his older brother. So long as their main diet is fine and teeth are brushed often, junk isn't going to cause any dramatic problems.

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