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To pretend to be sick, so I don't have to go to my inlaws Easter do

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LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:03:24

To be honest they are so annoying

Tell you what you should do n think, they are racist and unpleasant

They make us feel stressed dh still want s to go though

I would honestly rather spend the entire day doing chores at home, I'm thinking about pretending I'm sick at the weekend

There do is a lunch and tea at their house so it's a whole day long thing, it's just too long but they won't change it to just say a lunch

Youngest is only two, so can be hard work, eldest is almost nine
So will be a very long time, some kind mumsnet terms have helped to give me idea of how to help the day pass faster like take a ball for the garden n get out for a walk etc
But I'm seriously thinking about pulling a sickie

ssd Wed 23-Mar-16 23:04:22

god yes, get a rotten flu virusy thing that day

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:14:32

Should I even pretend to dh, that I am ill?.

Or shall I tell him what I'm thinking of doing ......

He finds them vv annoying too,but he wants to go

ssd Wed 23-Mar-16 23:16:22

go the whole hog and pretend to him too

Paddingtonthebear Wed 23-Mar-16 23:18:09

Do it. I want to do this but I'm too scared. Be my hero.

NoncommittalToSparkleMotion Wed 23-Mar-16 23:19:02

I want to do the same with my family this weekend.

Yanbu to want to, and if you pull it off, I applaud you.

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:19:42

IVe actually never done ths before, so it's not like I have form for it.
I could pretend I was sick in the night or something.....

Wolfiefan Wed 23-Mar-16 23:19:51

If he finds them so very annoying why does he want to go?
Personally I wouldn't have my kids round people who were racist and unpleasant. Family or not.

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:21:17

Thing that's making me think twice is, it does feel a good way of facing problems

Thing making me think do it, you can't change them or reason with them

Shinyshoes2 Wed 23-Mar-16 23:21:23

Start feeling sick 'coming down with something ' , achey etc TODAY
that way it Dosent look obvious ... So by the weekend you're full blown ill

Pipbin Wed 23-Mar-16 23:22:31

I did that a while ago when we were meant to go to a family do.

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:23:42

Recently, I had to say six times, I did not want to discuss something that was stressful and upsetting to me.
Fil however kept bring it up n going on and going about six times
Even when I said I've had enough about talking about this now, let's talk about something else, he just carries on
Took about six seven times of telling him to stop to make him stop

SecretRed Wed 23-Mar-16 23:24:14

Yep pretend to your dh too. Then you can spend the day in bed while they're gone.

Wolfiefan Wed 23-Mar-16 23:25:27

Racist relative was told. Say stuff like that round my kids and you won't see them any more.
They really upset you? Leave. If they keep doing it then don't go back.
Get DH onside or send him on his own!

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:25:43

I would feel pretty guilty towards dh though

I guess he wants to go, as even though he sort of can't stand them, he still wants. To see them occasionally

Andylion Wed 23-Mar-16 23:27:09

There do is a lunch and tea at their house so it's a whole day long thing, it's just too long but they won't change it to just say a lunch

You don't have to spend the whole day there. You could say you have plans for the afternoon or evening. But if you don't want to, don't.

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:28:37

Dh has got cross with them several times, he says their views are straight out of the dailymail
He deals with them by never telling them anything and trying to ignore what they say

I just can't stand the thought of the entire day there, a few hours I could manage

I could stay here n even order myself a cheeky pizza and watch a film or two or read even

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:29:55

They won't change to just lunch or tea, which would be more manageable
It's their way or the highway

mrsmeerkat Wed 23-Mar-16 23:30:30

Go the whole hog and pull sickle to dh too.

No point explaining to him why you are pulling a sickie.

I have conveniently taken on some private work that has come in very useful for such occassions. very very useful... [belly laughs rather loudly]

Wolfiefan Wed 23-Mar-16 23:30:51

Highway then!

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:32:49

Do you think this is wimping out of facing problems though ?

I can't get dh to pull a sickie too as he just would do it

ssd Wed 23-Mar-16 23:32:51

the consensus says do it and plan it carefully, have magazines and chocolate under the bed for when they all leave you alone to recover

ssd Wed 23-Mar-16 23:33:56

nothing wrong with wimping out, I find this very under rated

and dont involve dh, let him get on with it

LardLizard Wed 23-Mar-16 23:35:34

Well I could also get myself a new book, I guess.....
Perhaps I should draw the line at having a cheeky glass of wine or two though

WelliesTheyAreWonderful Wed 23-Mar-16 23:42:28

Pull a sickie if you want, but I wouldn't let my kids go to visit racist, unpleasant people without me there! If they were likely to say something racist I'd want to be there to explain to my kids they were talking bollocks. Perhaps not quite like that though grin However I definitely wouldn't be feeling bad about not spending all of Easter Sunday with people who refused to stop talking about something when you made it clear you didn't want to talk about it! Mean.

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