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Another AirBnB one (sorry long)

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balia Tue 22-Mar-16 18:12:53

DD is going to London for an internship. As a skint student, she booked Airbnb a few weeks ago. Within a couple of days, the host got in touch and offered an upgrade. DD was working, didn't reply to the message straight away, host got in touch again. DD started to feel a little bit badgered and said she just wanted the room she had booked. Then the host got in touch and said the room wasn't available, could she agree to have an alternative. By this point DD was a bit suspicious and said she didn't want an alternative and the uncertainty was worrying her, and asked for her money back. No reply.
DD messaged again a few days later, said she would contact AirBnb for advice and got something of a tetchy reply saying the problem had been caused by the death of the owner and the host would let her know. DD again said she wanted her money back, needed to sort out a definite alternative. Asked AirBnB for advice and was told to open a case, someone would be in touch.
Host then said she would refund the money, DD should cancel. DD immediately started looking for somewhere else and booked it. Then host sent another message, saying the room was available after all! DD has got half her money back (as per cancellation policy) but host is now saying as the room is available, she won't give the rest of the money.
Haven't heard anything further from AirBnB and the website won't let her send another message as it says a case is already open.
Is she just going to have to accept the loss?

SylviaWrath Tue 22-Mar-16 18:14:52

If she shows the messages to AirBnB she should get a full refund and the host should be warned. She might have to wait a while though.

balia Tue 22-Mar-16 18:42:41

Thanks SW - really reassuring. DD can't afford to write off the money. Any idea what she should do now? Wait until AirBnB get in touch?

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