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Heard in school line - tell school?

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Overheardintheplayground Tue 22-Mar-16 10:33:03

Whilst waiting for my Ds (yr3) to go in the three boys behind him were generally messing about, then it turned to pretending to stab each other. What alarmed me was the conversation about what sort of knife would be best, it was fairly graphic.

Ds is no angel and I am not for a second suggesting that my boy wouldn't do/say anything awful but I would want to know.

I told them off as I was the only adult near them and their parents had gone over to foundation.

Debating mentioning it to the teacher. I am twitchy about knives and stabbing talk especially amongst young boys as it's seems to be more of a status thing. I know they were playing hmm and it's likely to be harmless?

trollopolis Tue 22-Mar-16 10:35:24

Yes, it's very likely to be harmless, and based on cartoons or Plants v Zombies or similar.

But mention it, if it's preying on your mind.

Overheardintheplayground Tue 22-Mar-16 10:41:46

Agree sure it was harmless but the chat about well a kitchen knife would be better, no a bigger knife would be better unnerved me.

Letustryagain Tue 22-Mar-16 11:08:19

I would say something to the teacher but ask for it to be done discreetly, as in, try and avoid them finding out that it's from you. I would worry that your DS may get targetted by the children if they know it was you who reported it... Were there other parents/teachers around so that the teacher could say 'we've had reports from a number of adults in the playground that a small group of children were talking about knives...' etc etc.

Overheardintheplayground Tue 22-Mar-16 11:13:16

Yeah other adults around but not really in earshot. Think I will mention it, one of the boys involved is lively to say the least and Ds has had issues with him in the past (although my Ds is drawn to the boy and the boy likes rough play, Ds joins in, gets hurt then moans hmm)

maydancer Tue 22-Mar-16 11:15:29

Lots of boys are interested in weapons and play killing games.Teacher friend (recently qualified) told me the latest thinking is not to discourage it

Overheardintheplayground Tue 22-Mar-16 11:16:40

Agree that weapon play has a place (work in Early Years) it was the discussion about the best knife to use to stab which I found a bit much.

olrose Tue 22-Mar-16 12:50:18

if its playing on your mind then definitely mention it, wont do any harm just to make the teacher aware so they can keep a eye on the said boys

my2bundles Tue 22-Mar-16 12:56:26

When my polite, well behaved year 3 son plays with friends it usually turns into play and talk about various weapons. It's harmless and normal.

JoffreyBaratheon Tue 22-Mar-16 14:34:24

I used to work in the kind of primary school where kids brought knives in (in one case, hidden in his shoe - I think that class was Y4!) Took us half a morning to disarm him! So kids just talking crap I wouldn't be too bothered about.

My kids' school recently excluded two boys for telling un-PC jokes. Head teachers can be a bit over-zealous - and you never know what politics are going on in the school behind the scenes (in this case, newly appointed Head showboating for the governors in a fit of new broom sweeps clean zeal). I'd be wary of telling on kids for a joke overheard in case their lives are made hell due to it.

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