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to cry at Curious George?!

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tryhard Mon 21-Mar-16 13:41:05

Every time. Every damn time! Someone on here suggested it as a good film for toddlers so I got it last week & they were right, my toddler adores it, is fascinated by the monkey & asks for it every day. But it makes me cry!! The monkey reminds me of my toddler is a real bitter-sweet way (fun-loving, cute and constantly getting into trouble!), the points where the monkey is lonely or feels rejected, I can't bear it, I tear up!! Even my 5 year old got teary over it! AIBU? Do I simply need to get a grip?!

MissTessmacher Mon 21-Mar-16 13:43:19


George is adorable and really reminds me of my toddler DS too! In fact I have a gif of George saved on my phone because it reminds me of when DS gives me a great big hug and I sometimes look at it when he's with his dad and I miss him blush.

MrsFrisbyMouse Mon 21-Mar-16 13:43:58

Not at all. It's one of my all time favourite proper kid films. It's all so innocent! And I love the soundtrack.

FayKorgasm Mon 21-Mar-16 13:44:46

Whatever you do don't watch Home. I'm still not the better for it.

MissTessmacher Mon 21-Mar-16 13:46:02

It's this one.

JoMalones Mon 21-Mar-16 13:46:39

YANBU We've all cried at it, just like I always cry at the beginning of UP

JoMalones Mon 21-Mar-16 13:47:32

Tess, I may be v hormonal but that made me well up

FayKorgasm Mon 21-Mar-16 13:48:03

Yes the beginning of Up is heartbreaking.

curren Mon 21-Mar-16 13:54:46

Oh god, Yanbu.

Ds has always adored curious grape he and goes nowhere without his curious George plush toy. He is five and still adores him.

We all get ready when we watch the film. sad

SnakeWitch Mon 21-Mar-16 14:00:56

Do not under any circumstances watch the Christmas episode of Old Jack's Boat on cbeebies. I sobbed!

tryhard Mon 21-Mar-16 14:02:44

Oh my god MissTess yes that snuggling in, it breaks my heart every time!! Oh I'm so glad it's not just me, DH thinks I've lost it but it's so innocent & simple, so lovely! The storyline doesn't really matter (the idol, the love-interest), it's the relationship between Ted and George that gets me every time...when he says none of this seems to matter much anymore 😭😭😭 I didn't know you could get a plush George *furiously googling*

CaptainCallisto Mon 21-Mar-16 14:05:33

It gets me every time. My two watch the series Disney Junior too, so it's on a lot!

slebmum1 Mon 21-Mar-16 14:06:02

I never knew he was called Ted!

CaptainCallisto Mon 21-Mar-16 14:06:11

Watch it on Disney Junior

tryhard Mon 21-Mar-16 14:08:46

And yes the music, so perfect!

curren Mon 21-Mar-16 14:09:31

OP we got it at universal studios. Wish I had got a spare just in case.

I bet you can get one somewhere

curren Mon 21-Mar-16 14:10:12

We met ted and George at universal studios. Ds' best day ever.

Ted was Hot!!! shock

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 21-Mar-16 14:12:00

This in one for me to avoid then given that I cried bawled at the Lloyd bank advert with the horse last week. Tried to hold it in, didn't succeed, wailed for about 5 minutes. Dh was most confused. Then I found out I was pregnant on Saturday that's the first time I've written that! and sooo much made sense!

JoMalones Mon 21-Mar-16 14:37:21

There are 12" plush George on Amazon for £13 just bought one

Agadooo Mon 21-Mar-16 14:41:09

How do you know the man in yellow hat is called Ted?

TeenAndTween Mon 21-Mar-16 14:50:12

There is a film of Curious George ? How did I not know that? DD used to love it when she was a toddler.

And congrats Starky

wednesdaysocks Mon 21-Mar-16 14:50:33

Amazon bought one for DDs birthday last year- think it's an American company but it arrived in under a week.

curren Mon 21-Mar-16 14:56:16

How do you know the man in yellow hat is called Ted?

Cause that's what they call him in the films wink

tryhard Mon 21-Mar-16 20:04:38

momentarily blindsided by the real-life hot Ted!....

I know he's called Ted cos my toddler has demanded it every day since we got it last week. I've watched it a lot. A lot.

Starky congratulations! And that did cross my mind as an explanation too but no, hormonal crying here, it would appear I'm just a complete softy! note to self: avoid Lloyds advert, Old Jack's Boat Christmas Special...

Though I may not be a complete lost cause, I didn't find Home emotional at all?!

CaptainCallisto Mon 21-Mar-16 20:06:39

Really?! Home got me to the point 4yo ds1 came over and gave me a hug. And don't even get me started on Big Hero 6!

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