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To think DPD make up driver names?

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Cumberlover76 Mon 21-Mar-16 10:01:39

Today I have Fabian delivering to me and he's 15 mins away. I do so love the DPD tracker. I think Waitrose should have it on their delivery vans too.

LordoftheTits Mon 21-Mar-16 10:03:37

We have Craig and Graham.

AlisonWunderland Mon 21-Mar-16 10:04:19

I've been "delivered by Sergei"

AlisonWunderland Mon 21-Mar-16 10:04:46

And Julian on Friday. He was nice.

MeDearNoDear Mon 21-Mar-16 10:09:22

Last week 'Roman' delivered our new blinds. I kid you not.

EdithWeston Mon 21-Mar-16 10:10:34

Ocado do - hence the thread on Jesus in the Cabbage Van

ProfessorPickles Mon 21-Mar-16 10:11:39

I remember Jesus in the cabbage van grin

MadameCholetsDirtySecret Mon 21-Mar-16 10:21:07

I always have the same DPD driver and his name on the tracking is always the same.

I remember Jesus in the cabbage van. I'm hoping my Easter order might just be on his route this year grin

EdithWeston Mon 21-Mar-16 10:28:42

I'm slow this morning, I've only just got your post MeDearNoDear grin

curren Mon 21-Mar-16 11:32:30

We run a business from home so know our dos driver really well. We are now personal friend with him and his wife.

It's his real name, even though it's along the lines of Fabian.

YouWakeUpFlawless Mon 21-Mar-16 11:39:54

I have Salim most of the time.., upsetting when it's someone else as they never leave the parcel in the porch like I ask envy

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 21-Mar-16 11:46:28

Ocado tell you who's delivering and in what van (lemon, strawberry etc).

So one delivery was 'Jesus in the cabbage van'.

I give you Enjoy!

SistersOfPercy Mon 21-Mar-16 11:47:33

Ocado have a Mac in the Apple van as well. Amused me greatly.

greedygorb Mon 21-Mar-16 11:49:35

I had Justin last week. Have to say he didn't look like a Justin. Was tempted to ask.

Redglitter Mon 21-Mar-16 11:50:18

I love DPD. Craig and I are on first name terms!! Their tracking system is brilliant every delivery company should be made to adopt it

TheFutureMrsB Mon 21-Mar-16 11:52:34

We always have DPD Dan, it would feel strange not to see his name come up now lol

scrivette Mon 21-Mar-16 12:12:18

We have DPD Scott who looks like a Ken doll, very helpful and always brings in my packages if they are heavy and I am holding the baby.

MsBojangles Mon 21-Mar-16 12:13:09

My Gary is always Gary.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 21-Mar-16 12:14:53

My Jadeep isn't always the real Jadeep!

BertrandRussell Mon 21-Mar-16 12:16:37

We always have Genardi in our village. We track him and chat about him on FB.

SymphonyofShadows Mon 21-Mar-16 12:25:40

I have Daynell. He is gorgeous and is normally bringing shoes so it's win win

weechops Mon 21-Mar-16 12:41:19

I have DPD Donny and he's fab. He knows if my living room blind is closed, the toddler is napping on the couch so he doesn't knock, just quietly leaves parcel in my hall. Previously agreed, not creepy 😄

Kidnapped Mon 21-Mar-16 12:46:35

Oh, YouWakeUpFlawless,

We used to have Salim before we moved here. Nice fella. Wonder if he is the same guy doing the same route?

We have Luke now. He's also nice.

Arfarfanarf Mon 21-Mar-16 12:58:49

We've got a 'Chill'

I assume as in "Chill, you'll probably get your parcel. Eventually. Maybe."

YouMakeMyDreams Mon 21-Mar-16 13:02:00

I spoke to o2 on live chat recently first I spoke to Jim who transferred me to Ibad. He wasn't though he was lovely.

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