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to just runout of patience?

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MooningIntoTheAbyss Sun 20-Mar-16 19:56:58

It's my 3.8 yr old Dd. And the endless stalling tactics.
STBXH says I need more patience and that I am U to be short with her.

Bedtime tonight.
She got into pj's and brushed teeth and went to toilet. No problem.
Then I said 'OK, it's bedtime. Everyone say goodnight and come to your rooms'
Suddenly she has something important to say and we must STOP and listen. Only she hasn't got anything to say and can't think of anything on the spot.

Then, she steps on each individual wood bit of flooring. But messes it up half way to the bedroom so needs to go back and start over.

She forgot to put rabbit (soft toy) away.
She forgot to kiss Thomas (the tank engine)
She didn't drink any water (she did but she needs one single solitary drop more)
She needs to do a wee (she already did, now she will squeeze out one tiny little drop)
Now she needs to tell us something important again (still can't think of anything)

Gives kisses and cuddles goodnight. STBXH is reading her a story tonight so she follows me out the room saying 'look at me mummy. Look what I can do!' While touching her head.
I say 'wow! Goodnight sweetheart'
'Look mummy! Look what I can do!' Sticks out her tongue and makes a face'
'That's great. Goodnight'
'Looks mummy!' Stands on one foot...
'Ok. Goodnight'

He has said I am moody and impatient and she just wants my attention but this can go on forever.

It is probably worth adding that he undermines me at every opportunity. And part of the reason I lose patience is when I'm saying 'come on its bedtime. Let's go' etc he is still playing with them.

I am not moody or nasty with her. But I lack enthusiasm at that time. Or another example is when we're getting shoes and coats on to go out. She will do all the above. And I again, run out patience and enthusiasm.

Should I just keep up the marvelling at everything she does and encourage her to keep doing stuff to impress me so she never goes to bed?
AIBU to be less enthusiastic and impatient in this situations, to show her this is not the time?

whatyouseeiswhatyouget Sun 20-Mar-16 20:48:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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