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Will security have a copy of the key and will they let me into the shop?

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MarbleFox Sat 19-Mar-16 21:33:03

I work in retail, in a small shop which's located in a large and very popular retail centre which has a security centre and guards wandering around at all times of the day. There's no doors at the entrance of the shop, just a shutter we open and close using a key. We close at 6 but my shift finished at 5 and I've just now realised I've left my keys in the shop - I'm a huge idiot, I know. There's no way of me getting them tonight sad

A colleagues and myself are supposed to be opening the store together tomorrow morning but she's late to almost every shift she works, and I'm worried she'll be late tomorrow. We could get into a lot trouble from our manage and receive a fine for opening the store late.

AIBU to get up extra earlier, make it to the retail centre in plenty of time and hope security have a copy of the key and are willing to let me into the store? I'm not even sure they'll have a copy, do you think they will? I'm so stressed, I feel like crying and I doubt I'm going to sleep tonight sad

Leeds2 Sat 19-Mar-16 21:35:10

I would message your colleague, and tell her that she mustn't be late or she will very likely be fined.

CountryRoadTakeMeHome Sat 19-Mar-16 21:35:29

Have you got colleagues mobile/phone number? If so call and get her to work on time!

novemberchild Sat 19-Mar-16 21:36:21

Unlikely. Would contact the other person and stress the importance of being early.

StealthPolarBear Sat 19-Mar-16 21:36:28

I'd be trying to contact colleague first

Salmotrutta Sat 19-Mar-16 21:36:55

Sorry to hear you are stressing about this - I would too if it's any comfort - but let's be practical.

Do you have your colleagues phone number?

Can you call her and stress the need for punctuality?

MarbleFox Sat 19-Mar-16 21:37:05

I don't have her number I'm afraid, I've messaged her on Facebook but she hasn't read it sad

Salmotrutta Sat 19-Mar-16 21:37:36


Big X-post!

Great minds... smile

DelphiniumBlue Sat 19-Mar-16 21:37:54

Can you call your colleague tonight to let her know it's crucial that she's on time? Or call the manager? Security might have a key, but unless they know you its unlikely they d let you use it without checking with the manager.

Salmotrutta Sat 19-Mar-16 21:38:22

Oh, well maybe she will see your Facebook message before the night is out?

DelphiniumBlue Sat 19-Mar-16 21:39:57

The manager must have your colleagues number. Its better if you contact the manager now rather than waiting for it to go pear- shaped tomorrow.

Thisismyalias Sat 19-Mar-16 21:42:03

Who else has keys to the shop?

Security might have a spare set, but it's highly unlikely they will let you in unless they know who you are, and that you are a key holder.

What you need to do is contact your manager, hold your hands up say you left your keys at work, better to do it tonight rather than in the morning.

MarbleFox Sat 19-Mar-16 21:43:03

I contacted another colleague via Facebook and managed to get her number, I've just finished texting her and I'm hoping she'll text back soon.

To be honest, I'm considering calling her tomorrow morning to make sure she's gets out of bed and is in on time.

MarbleFox Sat 19-Mar-16 21:44:47

Security know me well and know I'm a key holder so I don't think they'd have any problem letting me in if they do have a copy. I'd call my manager but she's a bit of a bitch to be honest and I know she'd never let this go.

wowfudge Sat 19-Mar-16 21:45:57

If you can get hold of the colleague, could you borrow her key tonight?

MumOnTheRunCatchingUp Sat 19-Mar-16 21:47:02

Jeez what an unorganised mess! Good luck!

Trills Sat 19-Mar-16 21:49:58

It sounds like the reason for two of you having keys is so that a little mistake like this won't matter.

But this colleague's unreliability makes it a problem.

That's really annoying for you.

MarbleFox Sat 19-Mar-16 21:50:17

Oh God, tell me about it MumOnTheRun! I promise I'm not usually this bad.

I can't get the key from her tonight but she's thankfully text me back, she's promised to be on time. I think I'm still going to call her tomorrow morning to make sure she's out of bed and on her way.

Joopy Sat 19-Mar-16 21:50:49

Call her if you have her number! She might take ages to reply to a text and you'll be left wondering if she's read it or not.

snorepatrol Sat 19-Mar-16 21:51:54

Are any of your other colleagues on Facebook? Can you message them all and see if they have a key that you could collect first thing in the morning?

you could offer a bottle of wine to sweeten the deal and hopefully stop them telling your manager

MarbleFox Sat 19-Mar-16 21:52:06

"But this colleague's unreliability makes it a problem."
That is the reason we both have keys but it's partly my fault. I've let her get away with it. I think I'm going to speak to my manager.

Salmotrutta Sat 19-Mar-16 21:53:20

Glad she's texted you Marble - now, relax and don't start stressing unless you have to tomorrow!!

Lanark2 Sat 19-Mar-16 21:58:53

I think security will sort this out. They will have access to everywhere possible somehow. They might even be there tonight, try calling a management office number, if I've worked at night like that, a phonecall is welcome!

HomeschoolMom Sat 19-Mar-16 22:12:09

Security will have a key. At least when I worked in shopping centre management they always did. (They need it for situations like this plus fire plus general security. Also to change the locks when the tenant fails to pay rent...)

SupSlick Sat 19-Mar-16 22:16:50

Seems like it's sorted but I would probably just text your manager and say "left my key at work, but have contacted XX to make sure she brings her key tomorrow & is on time so we aren't at risk of getting fined. Just letting you know"

This might cover you a bit if your colleague is adick actually late.

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