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Totally in the wrong thread but I can't find the right one! Can I get some directions?

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Fairysnuf Fri 18-Mar-16 18:04:19

There used to be a thread on here where parents who had partners working away shared their woes. It was mostly army wives but I can't find it.

My husband works away 3 weeks and is only home for 1.
It's hard sad
I've just had a tough couple of days where the school our DS goes to has lost their probationer teacher (she was homesick, I think) and now they can't find a supply teacher to cover, so they are going to cover it with 5 different teachers.
DH has not been available to talk to so I've tried to contain my panic alone.
It didn't work. I foolishly put up a Facebook message group asking other mothers in the class if they were as worried as me and what we ought to do to help the HT sort it.
It went wrong, the other mothers, well a minority, didn't seem fussed and eventually told me to just go see the head teacher if I had a worry.
Fair enough, that is , of course the correct route but I had wondered if a meeting would be a better idea rather than a number of us individually asking her to repeat herself. But thought I'd get the lay of the land first.
I came away feeling very foolish and completely unsupported.
One mother even said that I ought to watch out that I wouldn't make the HT feel like it was a witch hunt shock
Omg that really rocked me, it was the last thing I wanted to do.

Anyway, upshot is, I feel alone and that I'm struggling to cope.
There have been lots of tears today over it and that's not really like me.
My mum died suddenly 2 years ago and in this I am really missing her and her advice.
I would have turned to her First before (given the DH is so hard to contact) but I felt I had no one to contact and reached out to the wrong people.
I'm looking for the right people and MN was so great when my LOs were little (DS7,DD9)
I hope I can find them here again.

FruStefanOla Fri 18-Mar-16 18:10:49

Do you mean the Topic called Forces Sweethearts

monkeysox Fri 18-Mar-16 18:11:23

We had a similar situation earlier this year and the ht of my ds school held a meeting to explain staffing changes. They should give you opportunity to ask questions and put you at ease with the situation.

flowers miss my mum too it's so hard.

Fairysnuf Fri 18-Mar-16 18:29:21

Looks like the one, thanks FrustefanOla

Our HT likes to send out letters then hide in her office hmm monkeysox
She also told us that nothing but a magic wand will help, put nothing on any Facebook page relating to the school issues and only one mother to contact the council because lots of us doing it won't make a difference.
Uh, sorry, but on the latter, I'd beg to differ. The more voices raised in concern the more the lazy council will be pushed to Do something.

I very much miss my voice of reason, I'm jus not so good in these situations without her. I will learn, but I'm not ready yet and feel lost and bereft again.

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