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To think its dangerous to have wires 2cm from a sink?

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Empress3 Fri 18-Mar-16 14:41:50

Where My sink is there are wires but they are covered by a plastic case and sealant, because it is so near to the sink and getting wet everyday the sealant is constantly coming off and i need to reseal every 4 or so months.
I live in an housing association property, I had one guy who was a 'handy man' come here and say it was dangerous even with the plastic box around the wires, then an electrician came and said no it is fine.
I was washing up today and I saw a small spark so immediate filled the sink again as again the sealant has come off.

The Housing association WILL NOT do anything about this as they say the electrician said its fine but I do not trust this, as some of you may know HA hire cowboy builders.
I had three people come to look at my boiler before and only the third person noticed there was a big dangerous leak in it after a YEAR of complaining it doesnt work.

Does anyone know what I can do about this and if it is true that this is safe?

SohowdoIdothis Fri 18-Mar-16 14:46:28

Get building control around to inspect it, just ring planning.

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Fri 18-Mar-16 15:29:41

What are the wires for? Sockets?

I wouldn't be happy with this and would be surprised if it was up to code. As an interim, perhaps try sealing strip like this rather than silicone sealant? - likely to do a better job for you

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Fri 18-Mar-16 15:35:25

Are you in the UK?

Go to the library.

Ask for a copy of electrical installations 17th edition.

A quick read our the chapter on kitchens and water. Photocopy the page.

Show landlord.

Empress3 Fri 18-Mar-16 16:28:27

Thank you everyone will do

wasonthelist Fri 18-Mar-16 16:38:32

It may or may not be up to code, but standard mains cables are waterproof, so unless there are any joins inside that trunking, it's not inherently dangerous. However if it doesn't satisfy wiring regs it should be sorted.

maydancer Fri 18-Mar-16 23:24:03

The electrician will have to have passed exams in wiring regs, your handyman won't.

jlivingstone Sat 19-Mar-16 05:12:29

It could just be earth wires.

CosyNook Sat 19-Mar-16 06:35:19

It doesn't sound safe to me. Can you can a different electrician in to do a report? I have a socket in the cupboard UNDER my sink though.

What is/was it used for?

CustardOmlet Sat 19-Mar-16 07:02:50

Where did you see the spark?

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