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To think this is stupid?

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owlsintheflowerpatch Fri 18-Mar-16 13:04:45

Day off today, just caught part of a bailiff program 'Can't pay we will take it away'. They are evicting several families in the same block as the landlord wants anyone on housing benefit out allegedly so he can raise rents.

The families will obviously be aware of the eviction order but they will have been told by the council that they cannot do anything until the bailiffs turn up.

The HCEO aren't allowed to say when they are coming so instead of being given seven days notice,, time to pack and be able to move on a day they know is the final day they turn up and face families with no idea they were going to come that day, with no where to go potentially after the hours the council offices have shut.

Is this still the case under the new bailiff laws?
AIBU to think it is really stupid?

GreenishMe Sat 19-Mar-16 12:23:44

Not just sounds really callous.

Those poor people sad

OurBlanche Sat 19-Mar-16 12:45:12

Oddly I am watching it now, on the +24 repeat.

I'm not sure but you have to remember that these are High Court Sheriffs, not normal bailiffs.

It is callous, when the tenants are normal people causing no issue other than being on HB. But being able to escalate any issue from County to High Court is essential. Sometimes LLs, or any debtors, are desperate to regain possession or monies... it isn't just a law for landlords.

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