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To be annoyed at someone constantly copying how you look.

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Fuzz01 Thu 17-Mar-16 22:07:53

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Dm is fed up her DSis (my DA) she continues to copy her look dispite several attempts of DM informing her she doesn't like it and doesnt want to look the same. DA has gone to the same hairdressers, stylist and had the excate same hair style. Whenever we been clothes shopping together she has went and got the same outfit or if she sees DM with a new outfit buys the same. We try to include her as she is single no kids but she makes things increasingly difficult to include her in things. I've had a gentle word but she refuses to listen. I can see DM blowing her lid if she continues. In the past DA has tried to copy DM wedding outfit for my DB wedding. DM doesn't want to cut her out just her find her own indentity. Any suggestions would be great.

BettyBi0 Thu 17-Mar-16 22:21:39

Why does it matter? Is she turning up in exactly the same clothes at family parties or something? The exact copy cat haircut is a bit weird I guess but unless your mum has a really unique style then your aunt is probably just copying whatever boring high street stuff most people wear. If they are the same clothes size and shape as well as sharing colouring it's no wonder that similar things might appeal to both of them. It's a bit sad that your mum is still crying "I saw it first!" at her sister now that they are grown ups IMO

LordoftheTits Thu 17-Mar-16 22:45:29

I have a friend who does this. Every time I do something she'll turn up a few weeks later with the same thing. A new jacket, a fringe cut in, the same bag. Twice now she has bought exactly the same glasses as me from the same website a few weeks after she has seen me in them - she must consciously track them down to order them!

I have no advice but it seriously gets on my wick. I don't care how zen other people are about this and yes, it's a free country and she's at liberty to buy what she wants but it gets really grating when she constantly turns up having bought everything I have!

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