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To keep one of the presents i bought for DD's friend?

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TheoriginalLEM Thu 17-Mar-16 14:41:27

I was a bit stuck for present ideas (9yo girl) but managed to get her a book from a discount book shop about a hobby that the girl has been bought something for her birthdaty.

My budget tends to be no more than £10 unless its a close friend. The book was £2.99 (but reduced from £8) so i felt a bit cheap and went off to look for something else. I live in a small town and don't drive so no major stores, just independents - not complaining. Anyway, bought some smelly pens (£3.99) and wrapping paper £1.70. So thats a total spend of £8.70 and its quite a nice present i think, not a close friend and lets face it, she will get lots of presents. I also bought a pencil case for £4.99 which is actually really lovely but may be a bit grown up for the child (well, she might not like it....hmm) but i do! I'd be over budget if i gave it too her so i can keep it can't i?

Can't i?

ophiotaurus Thu 17-Mar-16 14:44:28

Just keep the pencil case. That present sounds fine.

Lweji Thu 17-Mar-16 14:45:41

You bought things and you give the things you want to give. You didn't sign a contract to give anything you bought.
Don't complicate it.

TheoriginalLEM Thu 17-Mar-16 14:58:47

oh i over complicate EVERYTHING - but i shall go with the consensus (of two) and keep my lovely new pencil case with flamingos on to put in my new coloured pens that i bought to use on my new journal that i haven't used yet because it was £££ and im too scared to ruin it! So just now im looking at it occasionally and sighing ....

Lweji Thu 17-Mar-16 15:03:29


EatShitDerek Thu 17-Mar-16 15:05:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shoopshoopsong Thu 17-Mar-16 15:17:16

I want a flamingo pencil case now!

Pinkheart5915 Thu 17-Mar-16 15:25:42

keep the pencil case.
the book and pens you brought are more than acceptable to take to a children's party.

ophiotaurus Thu 17-Mar-16 16:02:39

You didn't say in your op it was flamingos! Def keep it!

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