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To think that I can stay sane as a single working mum?

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onmission Thu 17-Mar-16 13:55:39

I'm so tired of being stuck in this constant limbo of working full time, looking after my 2 DDs singlehandedly and managing everything else on top of it. Surely there must be a way of combining single parenting and work, and actually have some free time (or am I being completely delusional?). Anyone around with some time management tips?

momb Thu 17-Mar-16 14:03:10

I have another husband now but get lots less done compared than when I was single: as a single parents you get to make all the decisions so do what works for you and hang everyone else.
What worked for me: getting up 30 mins before the kids and getting myself ready, the breakfast out and a wash on before I woke them.
I bought a basic Roomba (not programmable) and set it going every morning as we walked out the door: the floor had to be clear so it could pootle round. I did downstairs one day and upstairs the next: then brushed the stair carpet with a stiff brush. Stick a load of washing on as you leave
Lay out clothes, check and rub round bathrooms immediately before bed every night. Spend early evening with kids/cooking, then 30 mins after they've gone to bed on washing up/clearing up./wiping/dusting/hanging up the washing from the machine. I had to work for a couple of hours in the evenings often, but if you don't do that then you have time for social media/watching a movie etc.
I just found that it was easier to slot in a few 10 min jobs every day rather than going at it like a bull.
This leaves almost all the weekends free for family and friends.

Micah Thu 17-Mar-16 14:09:04

Do you have the spare cash for a cleaner? Makes a massive difference to me.

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