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Dispatches investigates.... Cadburys!!

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SummerHouse Wed 16-Mar-16 20:29:45

Those krafty bastards! The taste has changed!!! You knew it MN. My partner is so not interested in this shocking development that I had to come and talk about it here. I knew my childhood memories had not been created.

So AIBU or have they really ruined it?

And don't get me started on the apple crunch....

NeverGetTheBestOfMe Wed 16-Mar-16 20:43:15

I had a Cadbury's caramel egg (one of my favourites) but spat it out because the chocolate was VERY disgusting!!

OhShutUpThomas Wed 16-Mar-16 20:44:38

Yep. We couldn't all be making it up.

Krafty feckers.

VertigoNun Wed 16-Mar-16 20:45:28

We all knew when is this being televised?

HopIt Wed 16-Mar-16 20:46:27

"HopIt, there's a programme you'll want to watch, dispatches all about cadburys"
Shouted DH from the other room. I bloody told him I wasn't making it up

HopIt Wed 16-Mar-16 20:47:28

It's Monday at 8pm

SummerHouse Wed 16-Mar-16 20:49:09

It's on Monday 8pm on 4. I think.

BelfastSmile Wed 16-Mar-16 20:49:14

I used to be able to eat a big £1 bar of Dairy Milk in one sitting (I know, gross). But recently I've found that 1) I don't really want to any more, as a couple of squares is enough, and 2) I start to find it quite sickly if I do have more than a few squares. Sad.

scarednoob Wed 16-Mar-16 20:49:52

Tax tax tax tax tax them

SummerHouse Wed 16-Mar-16 20:50:57

Hoplt are you me? Very similar convo in this house plus x post.

VertigoNun Wed 16-Mar-16 20:52:25

We all agreed it was now disgusting so no arguments in this house. I saved money and calories as a consequence of the great Cadbury gaslighting campaign.

EverySongbirdSays Wed 16-Mar-16 20:54:36

They said they wouldn't change it and didn't for a while, but it's definitely tastes different now, a bit like wax! I haven't deliberately bought a Cadbury's bar in ages and we got Celebrations rather than Heroes or Roses at Christmas

0phelia Wed 16-Mar-16 20:55:10

Don't even get me started on Cadbury's buttons!
Used to love 'em.
Now they are proper minging.

0phelia Wed 16-Mar-16 20:57:18

My poor baby son. I grew up loving Cadbury's Creme Egg as an Easter treat.
My Children will never know it's delicious creamy chocolaty goodness. They've only got something totally minging...


TheCountessofFitzdotterel Wed 16-Mar-16 20:57:52

Thing is, the kids don't like it now, and you can't gaslight children into thinking something tastes the same as something else when it doesn't - lord knows we try hard enough with vegetables...

0phelia Wed 16-Mar-16 20:59:27

How much Corporate Evil did they pay for this chocolate ??!

Libitina Wed 16-Mar-16 21:00:44

I have a VERY sweet tooth and now don't buy Cadburys. It tastes 'waxy' and sugary now rather than creamy and chocolatey.

CaptainHammer Wed 16-Mar-16 21:02:58

Thanks for the heads up!
I don't buy Cadburys anymore, it's such a shame they've ruined it.

TattyCat Wed 16-Mar-16 21:20:04

Galaxy all the way. Always has been, always will be grin

QueenLaBeefah Wed 16-Mar-16 21:21:12

Does anyone know if Cadburys is making less of a profit now. I'm interested if their cost cutting (smaller sizes, cheaper ingredients, closing factories) has saved them money against all the people no longer buying their brand.

HopIt Wed 16-Mar-16 21:25:36

scarednoob they've not paid tax for 5 years let alone getting them to pay more tax!

It hurts my teeth now, I don't know what they've done. I'm currently sat with a coffee eating lidl 35p chocolate, it's lovely

Jugglingballs65 Wed 16-Mar-16 21:28:36

And their mini eggs are smaller!

namechangeformypost Wed 16-Mar-16 21:28:42

Am I the only one who hasn't noticed the change? confused

PrincessHairyMclary Wed 16-Mar-16 21:29:56

I over indulged last Easter and it gave me a very dodgy stomach and I've not eaten Cadburys since. It's not all bad as I discovered Lindt instead.

Blatherskite Wed 16-Mar-16 21:30:35

Mini Eggs are horrible now.

My 6 year old took a bite out of a creme egg and then ditched it!

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