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How much time to pay- eBay related

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emilybrontescorset Wed 16-Mar-16 20:20:19

I won some clothes on eBay. I was the only bidder and wanted them for my forthcoming holiday. As I was the only bidder, I managed to buy the items very cheaply.
However the auction was still ongoing when I went to bed Sunday night- it ended after 11pm but just before midnight.
On Monday I was up for work early and had a full on day. After work I had several things to do and didn't get to much me time. I therefore didn't check my emails and didn't give eBay a second thought.
On Tuesday I thought about the items I was bidding on and checked to see if I had won them.. Only to see a message from eBay saying that the seller had cancelled the auction/sale. My immediate thought was that the seller wanted a lot more for the clothes and this was why the had cancelled it.

I scrolled through and saw that the seller had emailed me on Monday ( less than 24 hours after the end time) saying ' do you want the item'
That was all.
I replied immediately when I saw it and asked what was happening. The seller replied that they had been in the post office on Monday but as I hadn't paid couldn't post the items so had cancelled the sale!
They added that they have sent 'messages'.

I replied that I had only just seen the one message, that it was well after bedtime when the auction ended and I hadn't checked my messages on that one day.

The seller has not responded.

Since then I have received an email from eBay asking me to pay for the items!

It's too late now and I gave a feeling that the seller will wait a while then request the items.
The other thing was e bay said arrival time was estimated to be this Sunday . So there is no way the items would have been posted before Friday possibly Kate Thursday.

Is it reasonable to do what thus seller has done?

I would never gave done this and want to leave negative feedback to warn other buyers. I don't even know if I can since they have cancelled. Surely you gave to give someone more that 24 hours to pay?

Sorry thus us long.

emilybrontescorset Wed 16-Mar-16 20:22:54

Sorry for the typos!
Should read I think the seller will relist to try and get more money.

emilybrontescorset Wed 16-Mar-16 20:25:53

Also the seller did not state that you had to pay within x time scale or that they only post on a Monday .

Nothing at all was mentioned.

CaptainHammer Wed 16-Mar-16 21:12:57

I'm sure you have 3 days to pay before they can escalate it further.
I think when you list an item you can make it so the buyer has to pay immediately but you would have had a notification of this.

I know when I sell on eBay I love it when people pay quickly but i'd always give 3 days before (politely!) messaging.

ChemistryHunt Wed 16-Mar-16 21:15:38

I like to receive payment within 72 hours. After that I would send a message to buyer not cancel the sale at that point. No word from buyer for 7 days I would cancel. Unless of course I did state a different time frame but I can't see me doing that.


juls1888 Wed 16-Mar-16 21:33:36

It sounds like they are being idiots and I wouldn't waste your time getting into it with them. Confirm the cancellation, but monitor their listings and you might actually win them a second time for less cash, just make sure you pay as soon as it ends and they have to honour it.

emilybrontescorset Wed 16-Mar-16 22:07:47

I wouldn't buy off that seller now on principal.

Just think it is off tbh.

Might check if they do relist them though!

Kpo58 Wed 16-Mar-16 22:13:06

Can you report them for not letting you pay for the item?

19lottie82 Wed 16-Mar-16 22:16:04

Yes, you can report them as being a "non performing seller" or something similar.

emilybrontescorset Wed 16-Mar-16 22:21:56

Thanks think I might just do that 19lottie.

kali110 Thu 17-Mar-16 02:13:41

Technically You have 15 days to pay before ebay automatically start a no pay claim against you but the seller prob wouldn't wait
That long!
Even though i like to pay for the items the second i win them, i don't think you are in the wrong.
If a seller wants payment in 24 hours it nedds to be on the post.

MinniedeMinx Thu 17-Mar-16 02:18:59

Thats unreasonable and you can report them to Ebay. We get the most amazing trolls and wierdos. I'm thinking of starting a thread...

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