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To not go back into work on Friday?

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ConkersDontScareSpiders Wed 16-Mar-16 18:58:08

long sorry...background-I have worked for a year as the manager of a care home.The care home was failing when I arrived (which I wasn't informed about at interview). I have had very little support in the time I was there, (3 supervisions in one year, promised help from companies training team and quality assurance team and did not get it).The service has 6 vacant posts, which I have been unable to recruit to,out of a total of 15 posts establishment and at all times has had between 5 and 6 staff off sick-some long term, some regular sickness.As such its been incredibly stressful to manage and I have had to cover a lot of care and medication administration myself.During the 12 months I had a deputy for only 4 months.For the rest of the time I have been doing my own work and that usually taken on by the deputy.I have put into place an action plan and worked on it (with more success in some areas than others but improved the service so it got a slightly higher rating at inspection than it would have got otherwise so a step in the right direction).I have seen my boss 6 times in the year,outside of meetings we have both attended externally to the service.In January I lost my Father and I was also ill, so off for much of the month.No cover was put in to the service during that time.It was chaos when I returned to work.
Today was my last day-I handed my notice in at Christmas and have a new job to go to.officially my last day is Friday but I am owed so much time that I wanted to take two days TOIL.I was trying to do some handover to my replacement-which wasn't going well as I have kept having to break off to do care and medication.My boss came and at 3.30pm decided to audit the service ( for the first time in a year).The service isn't perfect but I have tried my best.He began to be very critical ( there are gaps in my health and safety records for example) and wanted to see this and that record.I was due to finish work at 4.30.My boss was getting increasingly annoyed and accusatory-which I feel is totally unjustified as he has never given me any of the support I have asked for and needed.At 4.45 I decided I could either sit and listen to it and lose my temper completely or just get up and walk out.So I did the second one.
I haven't completed my handover totally-there are a few bits to still explain to my replacement.These can be done by email but clearly it would be better to do them in person.
I start my new job on Monday and wanted a few days off in between to decompress and also have arthritis clinic to attend tomorrow.
AIBU to not go back in to work, and just email the handover?
I've never ever just walked out of a situation like that before but my blood was boiling and it seemed the best course of action to avoid me telling my boss what I think of him.
Thanks for reading if you've got this far!

RoseDeWittBukater Wed 16-Mar-16 19:01:53

I wouldn't even email tbh! Have a bloody lovely Friday to yourself!

QuiteLikely5 Wed 16-Mar-16 19:01:58

I wouldn't go back, I would cite stress as the reason why which is what it sounds like you're suffering from

HeffalumpHistory Wed 16-Mar-16 19:08:43

I wouldn't go back. I'd probably include on the email what you think of your boss.
Or at least the lack of support from them

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