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To think that he should pay?

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ToTheLeft Wed 16-Mar-16 18:29:52

DD has been having some trouble on and off with a cavity in her tooth. It's been awful if I'm honest, she's been in a lot of pain with it.

We are with a private dentist but they abruptly moved practice without informing patients right in between DD receiving antibiotics and the pain returning a week or so later. I had to call 111 and get an emergency appointment which was an absolute pain as they had none closer than an hour away. This was on the Friday.

So, as soon as I could, on the Monday I got her in with a new private practice and they pulled the tooth. She then stayed at her dad's and I packed the medicine with strict instructions by email on the dosage and storage (it had to be refrigerated) and reminded him to return it the next morning.

Being the idiot that he is, he forgot but then sent someone to leave the medicine outside my front door even though I'd told him to drop it off after work because I wasn't in (I work from home sometimes but not today).

Well, the medicine has ruined and so I've had to make a new appointment for DD with the dentist as they wont prescribe more with the first prescription coming from another dentist. The appointment and prescription will be chargeable and I've told ex that as this was due to his mistakes, he should pay. He is refusing. I'm really upset that he apparently doesn't care. I'm terrified that the infection is stil there and she isn't taking the correct medicine for it. Aibu to expect him to cover the costs of this otherwise unnecessary appointment?

NeedsAsockamnesty Wed 16-Mar-16 18:31:45

He should but there is not much hope of him doing so if he does not wish to

ctjoy103 Wed 16-Mar-16 18:33:47

Yanbu he ruined them so he should pay. Unfortunately seems like you will have to, else dd suffers. What an idiot and he doesn't care if she has the meds or not

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