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To think I actually have SIX jobs?

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pavlovapippa Wed 16-Mar-16 16:09:57

Find it very amusing when someone asks me 'so what do you do?' as I could be here all day listing everything... events, characters, nanny, model, dance, recruit..... Sleep.... Do it all again Lol

I should just say "portfolio career" or carry around my CV with me everywhere when asked!

Isn't that just being a mum? wink

It amazes me how us parents multitask in a quite spectacular manner every day!

pavlovapippa Wed 16-Mar-16 16:16:05

Yes Taylor! The hardest but best job in the world

SunshineOutdoors Wed 16-Mar-16 16:18:45

I know! I'm watching Neighbours and mumsnetting at the same time.

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Wed 16-Mar-16 16:26:31

Or you could say you're a jack of all trades master of none grin

araiba Wed 16-Mar-16 16:34:39

a job is something you are paid to do

it seems like you don't have a job. you look after your kid.

Fratelli Wed 16-Mar-16 16:36:47

Working parents do all that too. You don't need to justify yourself for being a sahm. I would be one if I could afford it!

pavlovapippa Wed 16-Mar-16 16:39:11

Well just for clarification before you start jumping to conclusions, I do in fact have a job. I run my own successful events company.

frikadela01 Wed 16-Mar-16 16:44:16

To be fair your OP does read like those facebook posts where so called "yummy mummys" list all the things they do on a daily basis as a means to justify why they don't work. Disclaimer - I would love to be a sahm if I could afford so this isnt a dig.

PerpendicularVincent Wed 16-Mar-16 16:46:54

I'm with frikadela on this, it does sound like one of those FB posts.

I'd imagine most parents do similar things, whether they work or not.

Fratelli Wed 16-Mar-16 16:47:56

Yep I'm also with frikadela

UterusUterusGhali Wed 16-Mar-16 16:48:35


Course you do, Pippa.

KatharinaRosalie Wed 16-Mar-16 16:51:02

I run my own successful events company.

So when someone asks, why don't you just tell them that?

whattheseithakasmean Wed 16-Mar-16 16:53:58

Why do you have to carry round your CV? I think most adults know what parents do, since the majority of us do have children. And I doubt the childfree care.

pavlovapippa Wed 16-Mar-16 17:01:13

Yes Katharina I could, but it entails so much more than just events and I also do a lot outside of the events world (such as the aforementioned modelling and nannying).

I had three weeks off after having my daughter and was back to running my business. Never had the luxury of being a sahm.

Working parents, sahm's, part time working parents, step-parents - we can empathise with each other without it becoming a competition.

BabyDubsEverywhere Wed 16-Mar-16 17:02:34

I thought you did kids parties, is that what qualifies for 'events', in which case I will add event planning to my list of mom jobs... which every parent performs in one way or another, whether working or not.

BabyDubsEverywhere Wed 16-Mar-16 17:04:04

you are a model and a nanny and have an 'event business'... okay.

Or...god forbid...have a light-hearted conversation about it?

pavlovapippa Wed 16-Mar-16 17:06:00

As I've said time and time again, we started out primarily specialising in childrens parties but have since broadened our horizons.

Frikadela - its certainly got the stealth boast required for a facebook post

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Wed 16-Mar-16 17:09:09

I daresay anyone who spends more than 5 minutes in your company will know everything you do whether they ask you or not, if your posts on MN are anything to go by.

KatharinaRosalie Wed 16-Mar-16 17:09:36

Someone asking what do you do is not necessarily interested in hearing about everything you do. Just the main activity is fine, honest.

GooseberryRoolz Wed 16-Mar-16 17:11:28

Wow, this degenerated quickly.

GooseberryRoolz Wed 16-Mar-16 17:12:18

Oh it's YOU pippa. Where's ginagiraffe today? smile

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