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To think it's really rude not to reply to an invitation to a party?

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CandyCrush77 Wed 16-Mar-16 14:04:59

DS2 is 7 on Sunday. Invited 15 friends from his class to his party. I sent an email invitation about 3 weeks ago to all the parents and most replied straight away saying yes, one or two declined. DS2 handed out paper invitations about 10 days ago to his friends and I then sent a chaser email on Monday saying if you haven't replied, please let me know if you can come. There are still 3 people I haven't heard from. One I spoke to this morning who can't come, the other I know doesn't use email that much and is often unresponsive but with the third I am completely mystified as to why they haven't responded. Both parents were copied on the two emails I sent and I know that the mum is still using that email account as she replied to another group email from that account the same day! I also saw her child hand her the paper invite in the classroom and saw her read it. I don't mind either way if her child comes or not but just think it's really rude to not respond either way. We have been quite friendly over the last 4 years, often speak and the children have attended each others parties in the past including last year although they are not close friends. I have put this child down as "not coming" but really feel like making a comment in passing about it being polite to respond to an invitation. I also feel a bit hurt for DS2.

Friolero Wed 16-Mar-16 14:11:05

Yes it is rude. I would assume their child isn't coming, but maybe just say if you see the parents "I assume as you haven't replied that X isn't coming to the party". That way you can double check and make the point about them not replying.

Littleoddfeet Wed 16-Mar-16 14:14:11

Its beyond rude but, sadly, seems to be the norm. Last year about 4/5 parents did not respond either way - on the day of the party I had no idea whether they would / wouldn't turn up. One did - with two siblings in tow!! Its common courtesy. Makes me mad!!

CandyCrush77 Wed 16-Mar-16 14:15:30

Thanks Friolero. I am being overemotional but it really puts a dark cloud on things! The way I am feeling at the moment is that I will probably blank them or have to say something. Been racking my brains to try to work out if I've done something to offend them. Can't for the life of me think what though.

Witchend Wed 16-Mar-16 14:38:36

Texted to the (wrong) number on the invitation. Not that we ever gave out that on an invite, did we? Thankfully most people told us in person.

CandyCrush77 Wed 16-Mar-16 14:45:41

Witchend, what do you mean?

CaptainCrunch Wed 16-Mar-16 16:31:42

I believe it to be very rude but you'll get replies on here saying "I'm incredibly busy/scatterbrained" as if that excuses it.

It takes seconds to text someone or complete the tear off and stick it back in the bag.

If you genuinely don't know until nearer the time if you can make it or not, text the host and tell them that, don't leave it till the last minute to either turn up or not bother.

I'm pretty sure most of the time it's because they're waiting to see if they get a better offer for the date of the party and if nothing else comes up, they might just deign to turn up.

But watch and see how many people tell you that somehow they're above all that because they're just "so busy" or "don't remember" like us little peeps.

CandyCrush77 Wed 16-Mar-16 17:03:55

thanks CaptainCrunch. Not sure what it is to be honest but starting to think they hate me or that we've done something to offend them! I simply don't buy the "I'm too busy" argument. I work full time and run around like an idiot most days (divorced from DSs dad and do not share childcare with DH so I do all drops off and get back for 7 to put the kids to bed each night). I don't understand how someone doesn't have two seconds to reply. Think I might have to say something.

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