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Aibu to think if Matthew Wright hates us all so much maybe his researchers should look elsewhere for his stories?

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GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Wed 16-Mar-16 09:39:43

And yes I know iabu to watch TWS.

Yet another story he's covering this morning seems to be coming straight from here (should dh get sky or save the money for a holiday) I'm sure he'll get in his favourite insults for us all in, so good for him. Such a hypocrite.

SurferJet Wed 16-Mar-16 09:45:21

Why do you care?

I'm sorry, I just don't understand why anyone would be so protective of a website? It's not like he's talking about your auntie or something 😀 ( it's mumsnet - millions of anonymous users )

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Wed 16-Mar-16 09:49:04

They rely heavily on MN for ideas. At least they own up now. They used to blatantly steal them without acknowledging where they came from. I used to love tws but haven't watched for years. The panel used to be made up of really good guests, now its just random soap/reality tv eejits.

angelos02 Wed 16-Mar-16 09:50:57

I used to like the program but it is just so repetitive now. I don't like the way that he talks over people and just loves the sound of his own voice.

It says something when many people on MN have said they prefer Richard Madeley when he stands in for Matthew!

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Wed 16-Mar-16 09:52:44

I don't care really. If it's posted online it's public for all. But he routinely insults us along the lines of foul mouthed illiterate harpy's so wonder why they still trawl the site for material.

eternalopt Wed 16-Mar-16 09:58:04

I used to like watching tws, but he does love himself so much. Went off him when he went into the jungle actually, and we saw more of his personality. Not very flattering! Have switched over to it today though and miles hunt from wonder stuff is on it! Wasn't expecting that. What a blast from my past. Size of a cow will now be stuck in my head all day!

acasualobserver Wed 16-Mar-16 10:40:15

illiterate harpy's

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