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DD being hit . . .

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greatscott81 Mon 14-Mar-16 23:25:29

My DD is nearly three and attends the local pre-school. In December, a friend told me her daughter (also at same pre-school) had told her that my DD was being pushed and hit by another girl in the class - let's call her child A. I immediately spoke to the lead practitioner who denied everything immediately and that my DD was happy etc. I asked her to keep an eye out and my little girl seemed happy. However, I have now been asking DD who she would like to invite to her birthday party and she has resolutely answered that 'child A doesn't like me'. She can be fickle, (some days friends are BEST friends, other days she forgets them etc), but she is adamant about this and it hasn't altered at all.

At the weekend she said to me that child A had 'hit her in the face'. So today I had a long conversation with the lead practitioner and said I was beyond concerned by the relationship but she was quite defensive and I don't think anything has really been achieved. When I collected her I was told she'd had a good day and they'd ensured the two girls were kept apart but that's not the answer.

In short, I don't know if I am being slightly unreasonable expecting more from the pre-school? Or are they falling short?

greatscott81 Mon 14-Mar-16 23:38:53

Really do need some help with this. Thanks

MrsOlaf78 Mon 14-Mar-16 23:58:05

I think you're understandably worried about what is going on when you're not there. Preschoolers are not 'sophisticated' enough to bully but it is characteristic of this age group to sttike out at each other over all sorts of things - usually when they feel tired, overwhelmed or frustrated. Some are much more prone to it than others and it is the responsibility of parents and carers to teach children of this age behavioural boundaries. Trying to keep the children apart is not really possible nor is it addressing the issue. A child who hits needs to be sternly told off and the preschool needs to take a more pro-active approach perhaps having a discussion with all the children about why we don't hit without singling out child A. Encourage your daughter to tell her key worker and you whenever the child does it and keep at the preschool if you feel the issue isn't being addressed.

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