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To make her pay for my stuff?

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MagicalHamSandwich Sun 13-Mar-16 07:29:47

I'm room sharing with a co-worker I don't really know for my firm's annual skiing weekend. Went to bed reasonably early last night in order to get some more skiing time today while my roommate apparently opted to participate in the traditional piss up around town.

I slept like a baby and did not hear her come in. Woke up this morning to find the entire bathroom covered in vomit - including several specks on and around the stuff I'd left in the bathroom (moisturiser, hairbrush, some makeup). Had to invite myself to guest-shower in my boss's bathroom because it's just that disgusting!

AIBU to bin my stuff and ask her to pay for it?

StealthPolarBear Sun 13-Mar-16 07:32:01

Urgh. Well hopefully she'll offer when she sees it.
How can people do that around colleagues (well at all but I used to I auppose)

sooperdooper Sun 13-Mar-16 07:32:58

Ugh that's gross, and yes I think she should replace your things, horrible sad

leelu66 Sun 13-Mar-16 07:33:24

YANBU. At all. Is she awake yet?

Take pictures and threaten to email them to colleagues unless she pays up (tongue half in cheek).

Pseudo341 Sun 13-Mar-16 07:33:35

Ewwww! I don't think you'd be unreasonable. What a disgraceful way to behave.

MagicalHamSandwich Sun 13-Mar-16 07:36:30

Nope. She's still sleeping (and snoring like a chain saw)! I have taken a bunch of pictures of the stuff that I want to bin.

Most of it is quite inexpensive but my moisturiser and serum are decidedly not.

Afreshstartplease Sun 13-Mar-16 07:37:55

Oh that's nasty


I'd been chucking water over her

leelu66 Sun 13-Mar-16 07:40:32

Even if she washed the toiletries in hibiscrub (just learned on MN today that that is what surgeons use before operations), I would not be able to use them again.

Franny1977 Sun 13-Mar-16 07:40:46


YANBU! Go for it

SaucyJack Sun 13-Mar-16 07:42:04

Is the vomit actually mixed in with your moisturiser? I think YWBU to bin it if it could be washed off the side of the pot- regardless of who threw it up. Waste of money innit.

But she has behaved horribly, and owes you an apology.

OhShutUpThomas Sun 13-Mar-16 07:43:16

Yes I'd insist on them buying more.

NightWanderer Sun 13-Mar-16 07:45:20

Meh, I'd just wash it.

curlywurly4 Sun 13-Mar-16 07:45:20

Bloody hell!!! How grim. I'm amazed you slept through it.

YANBU at all. Think it's the least she can do tbh. Must skint in there.

NightWanderer Sun 13-Mar-16 07:46:16

I have four kids and three cats though so if I chucked everything that got vomit on it we wouldn't have much left.

skinoncustard Sun 13-Mar-16 07:50:18

Yes she has been totally out of order and disgusting. I would certainly bin uncovered stuff - toothbrush, hairbrush etc, but surely stuff in pots/ tubes could just be washed.

If you have more nights to stay I would ask for a single room too, she can foot the bill !

BeardMinge Sun 13-Mar-16 07:50:25

'Several specks'

Well, unless you've left the lid off and she's actually vomited into your moisturiser/serum I'd ask her to wash the bottles for you in some hot soapy water and I'd leave it at that. I mean, yes, it's obviously a bit grim, but it would be rather dramatic and wasteful to bin them. I'm sure she'll be suitably mortified once she wakes up.

Wineandcheases Sun 13-Mar-16 08:01:00

Was she drunk poorly ?

Honeyandfizz Sun 13-Mar-16 08:03:15

I would just wash it/bleach it too, although you really should not have to be put in that position. Her behaviour is a disgrace and if she isnt very embarrassed and apologetic when when wakes i would be rather angry.

1frenchfoodie Sun 13-Mar-16 08:04:01

If just on the containers then wash them and ask her to replace hairbrush etc that can't be washed in this way.

leelu66 Sun 13-Mar-16 08:05:09

Nightwanderer, i think there is a difference between your kids vomit and stranger vomit. I'm squeamish about these things, though.

Franny1977 Sun 13-Mar-16 08:05:11

Hmmm, I know it's wasteful to throw them out if they can be washed but just the thought that another person's vomit has been on there would put me of their use. (Only vomit on my stuff I could tolerate is DCs)

CoraPirbright Sun 13-Mar-16 08:05:27

OMG how revolting!! But I agree with skin and Beard. The specks can be washed off (by her). I would, however, be binning my tooth brush and hairbrush and making her buy me new ones.

SusannahD Sun 13-Mar-16 08:07:00

Grim but I would I think they can be cleaned. I think you're overreacting about them needing to be replaced.

VulcanWoman Sun 13-Mar-16 08:07:55

I agree about her washing them in hot soapy water, she probably won't do it right though, how the hell do people manage that amount of mess, stick your head down the bog FGS. She needs to clean the whole bathroom too, why should the cleaner have to deal with that shit, bloody animal, in fact that's an insult to an animal.

QuiteLikely5 Sun 13-Mar-16 08:09:11

Ofgs just ask her to clean them with bleach!

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