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Midwife with cold hands.

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MouldyPeach Sat 12-Mar-16 14:51:25

I had dd3 at home on Tuesday, I had a sudden and unassisted birth so by time the midwives got there she was already over an hour old.
When it came time to do the newborn checks the hands of the midwife who did it were *freezing. dd was screeching and I took her off the mw and asked that she warned her hands up. My dp also pointed out that her hands were white compared to the rest of her arms which she got quite huffy about.

Was I U to have stopped the examination and ask her to warm her hands? AIBU to expect mw's and others doing skin-touching examinations to not have hands to rival Elsa fromFrozen??

DropYourSword Sat 12-Mar-16 14:54:52

Babies tend to vocalise their dislike of being examined regardless of hands temperature.

Midwife probably would also prefer to have warmer hands. Maybe she had something like Raynauds and really can't help it.

Monkendrunky Sat 12-Mar-16 14:55:09

I would think there's every chance she has a medical condition herself. My DD has, her hands are always freezing and she can't just "warm them up" so I think yabu, cold hands, while not pleasant, won't do the baby any harm when it's just for checks not for a prolonged period.
Pointing out that her hands are quite white compared to the rest of her is just plain rude!

SohowdoIdothis Sat 12-Mar-16 14:57:57

Honestly it really not a big deal.

PaulAnkaTheDog Sat 12-Mar-16 14:58:46

Jeeeeeeezo. hmm

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Sat 12-Mar-16 15:00:00

How do I ask this nicely- first child?

VocationalGoat Sat 12-Mar-16 15:00:20

What an unreasonable beef to have with the poor midwife.
People cannot help it if they have circulatory problems.

You were very unreasonable. How rude.

WorraLiberty Sat 12-Mar-16 15:00:30

My midwives always washed their hands before they touched the baby anyway, so they would have rinsed them under a warm tap.

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Sat 12-Mar-16 15:00:38

oh no just re-read- number 3!!!

PaulAnkaTheDog Sat 12-Mar-16 15:00:52

My initial thought Sharon but op says dd3.

villainousbroodmare Sat 12-Mar-16 15:01:19

Just wow.

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Sat 12-Mar-16 15:01:58

Mind you OP will be full of hormones at the moment so is probably BVU but thats normal

MammaTJ Sat 12-Mar-16 15:02:27

That poor midwife! As someone else said, it sounds like she has Raynauds, in which case sudden warming can be very painful!

Baby would have protested anyway!

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Sat 12-Mar-16 15:03:32

Well her hands can't literally be freezing cN they? She's still human, not an ice princess and even if her hands were cold they're not cold enough to damage a baby. I think ywbu and your husband was rude to comment on the colour of her hands.

Fuzz01 Sat 12-Mar-16 15:03:51

Completely rude who do you think you are talking to her like that!

SauvignonBlanche Sat 12-Mar-16 15:04:05

I'm not surprised she got 'huffy', is your DP always that rude?
My colleague has Raynaud's and has perfectly white fingers when it's cold.

Congratulations on the birth of DD3 flowers

Stylingwax Sat 12-Mar-16 15:07:48

Really pleased that you didn't have anything else to worry about straight after birth than your midwife's temperature.

MouldyPeach Sat 12-Mar-16 15:08:52

Ouch ok, no not my first child but still didn't want my baby screaming at cold hands.

Yes what dp said was a bit hmm and I'm going to guess she doesn't had reynauds as her hands pinked and warmed up after a cup of tea.

I can accept people think I was unreasonable and rude but I stand by it, maybe that makes me precious third born but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Sat 12-Mar-16 15:10:29

Gosh, poor midwife. Why did your DP feel the need to point out to her that her hands were white compared to the rest of her?

SauvignonBlanche Sat 12-Mar-16 15:13:38

The whiteness does improve as the hands get warmer with Raynaud's

NickNacks Sat 12-Mar-16 15:14:51

Oh I get it!

-Yes actually you were.
-No I'm not!!!!

PaulAnkaTheDog Sat 12-Mar-16 15:14:56

Your husbands comment was ridiculous. At least you had the excuse of childbirth, he was just plain rude.

Libitina Sat 12-Mar-16 15:14:57

YABU biscuit

RaeSkywalker Sat 12-Mar-16 15:15:22

I have pre-Reynaud's. Like full Reynaud's, it's triggered by changes in temperature, so perhaps going from her car to your front door. I find that holding a cup of tea greatly improves mine actually...

Libitina Sat 12-Mar-16 15:15:49

Forgot to add, did you see the photo of the refugee washing her newborn in a puddle? Cold hands are the least of that ladies worries.

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