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So there's apparently not an NHS anymore?

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MattDillonsPants Sat 12-Mar-16 14:02:04

Is it so? ;(

MattDillonsPants Sat 12-Mar-16 14:03:49

I've signed the petition...there's a link.

MattDillonsPants Sat 12-Mar-16 14:11:13


tinyterrors Sat 12-Mar-16 15:57:28

I've signed the petition.

It's scary how that's happened under the radar so to speak. Without the NHS most of the country would be up a creak without a paddle. I know the NHS is struggling and imperfect but it's one of the great thing about this country.

tangerinesarenottheonlyfruit Sat 12-Mar-16 16:02:37

This should not be a surprise.

In 2005, Jeremy Hunt co-authored a book Direct Democracy which called for the NHS to be dismantled.

In it, he said “Our ambition should be to break down the barriers between private and public provision, in effect denationalising the provision of health care in Britain”.


The future looks bleak for the UK at the moment IMO. We have to get these fuckers out in 2020.

VocationalGoat Sat 12-Mar-16 16:04:26

"It has axed the government's responsibility for the NHS. It has devolved responsibility to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The CCGs have no legal obligation to provide you with anything beyond emergency care - this may not be the case at present but it means that there is no legal guarantee that they will continue to do so.
It has opened up the NHS to unlimited privatisation. The government continues to deny that privatisation is taking place - of course they do."

I've stood ringside (DH is a GP) watching this government sell off the family silver. Embrace your Virgin Care with loving arms if you wish, but it won't love you back.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 12-Mar-16 16:10:22

Decision made. Not moving back now. Bye bye UK for ever. sad

NewYearNewToads Sat 12-Mar-16 16:15:13

What does this all mean? sad

Cuddlequeen Sat 12-Mar-16 16:21:15

Lots of different sections of the nhs have been sold off years ago and are now "social enterprises". District nursing in many areas, children's services in many areas, podiatry etc etc.

Paddypaws3 Sat 12-Mar-16 16:23:51

My sister is a District Nurse.

From April, her new employer will be Virgin!

shazzarooney99 Sat 12-Mar-16 16:27:19

I hate the tories, they are going to utterly kill this country, did you see that today? they are taking money off the disabled so the rich can pay less tax, absolutely appalling.

RudeElf Sat 12-Mar-16 16:27:59

What does this mean in real terms for anyone who doesnt have private health plans? Will we have to pay for GP appointments? What about hospital services?

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Sat 12-Mar-16 16:33:50

I remember years ago a HV telling me that in the future HV's would be employed by companies like Boots. Looks like it's happening sad

Maybe83 Sat 12-Mar-16 16:36:50

I live in a country with out free medical care in the EU. It is a nightmare and the cause of so much worry.

In October between doctor visits and medication it cost me 230 euro for a kidney infection! That was before lost wages.

I have just looked through my medical receipts today and I have spent 2864 euro in last two years on doctor visits and prescriptions. Probably more as I know I don't have all the receipts. That doesn't take into account over the counter stuff.

I wish we had something like the NHS and if we did I would be doing anything in my power to hold on to it.

hiddenhome2 Sat 12-Mar-16 16:37:40

No amount of petitioning is going to change anything. We're fucked.

VertigoNun Sat 12-Mar-16 16:41:51

I am sure the Tory voters are thrilled with themselves.

ClarenceTheLion Sat 12-Mar-16 16:44:17

I have two health issues, both of which I deal with myself. I'm unable to absorb the regular levothyroxine pills for underactive thyroid, so with my GPs approval I order my own medication from Mexico.

And I have an ongoing neck problem which my GP wished me luck with. He wouldn't refer me to the NHS physios because 'they're rubbish and I don't refer anyone to them anymore'. But he was happy to recommend private physios at £75 an hour.

Sometimes I wonder if a private healthcare plan set up in my twenties might have served me better...

Well done Tory voters you bunch of "I'm alright jack" tossers.

getyourselfchecked Sat 12-Mar-16 16:52:05

THIS is what the doctors have been protesting against.

Follyfoot Sat 12-Mar-16 16:56:22

Its not as simple as Tories v Labour is it though? I'm not convinced any party can keep the NHS safe. Look at the amout of PFI hospital builds under Labour and how Andy Burnham put Hinchingbrooke Hospital 'up for sale' into private hands despite trying to squirm his way out of admitting it. I really fear for the NHS, it isnt safe in the hands of either of the two biggest parties sad

MrsVamos Sat 12-Mar-16 16:59:52

More depressing news.

People tried to warn what would happen if the Cuntservatives were let in to govern on their own.

I honestly can't quite bring myself to believe that this, and the disability cuts, and education cuts etc etc, were really what people voted for.

I know that it was a very tiny majority that got the Cunts back in, but really ? Really ? sad

And as I type, 'Mad World' is playing on the tv....

tinyterrors Sat 12-Mar-16 17:00:02

It might not change anything, then again it might. At least we can say we tried to do something.

This sort of thing is why I'll never vote tory.

Tangerine I've never heard of that book, I was a very young teen in 2005, but I'll have a read.

I know from relatives working for the NHS that far too much money gets wasted on ever increasing middle management to the detriment of front line staff, add in the cut backs to funding and it's no wonder the NHS has problems.

cleaty Sat 12-Mar-16 17:03:48

My partner who used to work for the NHS is now providing the same service and is employed by Virgin. It is still presented to patients as an NHS service. The service is organised for profit, not for patients. Although it will all look good on paper.

ScoutsMam Sat 12-Mar-16 17:11:00

Signed and shared.

RudeElf Sat 12-Mar-16 17:11:59

Who pays for the service cleaty? I am assuming its still free at point of use for patients?

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