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To think m&s make the worst bras..

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mumofsnotbags Sat 12-Mar-16 08:42:46

I bought some last year, within a day i had red marks where there was something irritating my skin (i searched all over that bra and couldn't find anything - al labels cut out, checked for the little plastic things, but nothing, there was just something in it that made me itchy).

I threw it away in the end. Like a fool I went back recently as i was desperate for a white bra for a job interview... I have never been so itchy, again I cut out the labels, even cut bits of lace but there was still something in it a tiny bit of the bra at the back that made me itch and turned my skin red.

I also noticed when i was driving home, every time i moved my right arm, my bra how does a bra creak? needless to say they go in the bin!

For the record i live near an outlet shop so that's the only reason I bought some as they were half price. i would never pay full price for m&s underwear, or clothes for that matter!

arewethereyet55 Sat 12-Mar-16 08:56:34

I've read other threads on MN about bras and a lot of women say that M&S bras and underwear just isn't the same as it used to be. It used to be the place to go for all your smalls. So I gave Debenhams a whirl and I didn't regret it after a MN'er recommended their non wired bra's.
Even if you changed your sizing at M&S I can't see that it would change the itchy/scratchy thing.

monkeysox Sat 12-Mar-16 08:58:57

Yanbu m and s bras are shite

Foxyloxy1plus1 Sat 12-Mar-16 09:06:08

i've been properly measured elsewhere and M&S bras the 'right' size just don't fit. And yes, there's always an irritating, itchy bit on them that makes them impossible to wear. I've had more comfortable, better fitting ones from Sainsbury's.

SinglePringle Sat 12-Mar-16 09:06:36

Padded, badly sized (a 32f is NOT huge M&S), cheaply made and too similar to Boux Avenue for my liking.

God, I had a beautiful white cotton boiderie anglaise bra from there back in the day. Them was the days.

Cheap and nasty in quality now.



mumofsnotbags Sat 12-Mar-16 09:22:37

Right off to debenhams today for a look around.

I used to be a 36dd until the bra intervention thread on here, now I find a 34 D a much better fit, everywhere that is apart from m&s.. my boobs are spilling out over the top. i bought a pack of 5 knickers there too... 1 wash and they're practically see through, which is not the look I was going for.

wonkylegs Sat 12-Mar-16 09:27:17

I have a few nice bras from them but they are ancient. I haven't been able to buy anything in there in my size for years. Debenhams have been a far better bet.

Byrdie Sat 12-Mar-16 09:39:33

Maybe my boobs are just the m&s boob type? Most of my bras are m&s and i love them. Have had a few freya ones and i had problems with them. I once treated myself to a rigby and peller one and it was very comfortable, bit no more so than m&s. Most recent bras i bought from m&s were end of last year and i'm a 32dd (was a 30f pre kids so not a little a or b cup - these are boobs that need a decent bra!) so in my opinion, totally unreasonable!

TheCrumpettyTree Sat 12-Mar-16 09:43:10

I got to Bravissimo now instead of M&S. They know how to fit bras properly.

LionsAndTigersAndBearsHaha Sat 12-Mar-16 09:59:34

M&S bras just don't fit me right, I've always found then cone shaped but my boobs are more rounded. I prefer Next.

CallousAndStrange Sat 12-Mar-16 10:07:26

I got a couple of plain t-shirt bras in matalan in the sale for 4 quid. Wasn't expecting much but they're the comfiest I've had in ages!

NoonAim Sat 12-Mar-16 10:13:17

All my bras are from M&S and fit perfectly, they're all the same style and I'll be most upset if they stop making them.

I've tried supermarket bras but the straps are so narrow they dig into my shoulders.

Imnotaslimjim Sat 12-Mar-16 10:14:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

treaclesoda Sat 12-Mar-16 10:15:28

M&S don't even make a bra in the size that I wear (and it's not even a particularly outlandish or unusual size) and they have the audacity to suggest that most women aren't wearing the right size. Yes, indeed, that's because you have conned them into thinking that the ultimately quite limited range of sizes that you sell are 'normal' and anything else is 'huge' or 'abnormal', and since no one wants to be abnormal, they will often force themselves to accept something that doesn't fit.

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 12-Mar-16 10:22:50

I have several 'Rosie for Autograph' plunge bras in assorted colours. They fit me better than anyone else's bras.

SinglePringle Sat 12-Mar-16 10:49:33

Aside from the fact it's padded (not my taste), that Rosie bra is lovely. But only up to an E cup because M&S think a 32F is huge. The range in F and above is woeful. Plain, enormous cups and straps the size of a bridge.

And all because they don't know how to fucking measure.

Minisoksmakehardwork Sat 12-Mar-16 10:58:56

Yanbu. I have never felt comfortable with bras fitted there. John Lewis seem to just look at me and bring a range of bras which fit like a dream. And even their sizing seems to suit other brands apart from m&s.

I don't know how m&s size them but the backs were too big, the cups were too loose. I only had to lift my arms and a boob would drop out from under! And they were positively adamant that their sizing was correct...

Yet I've a friend who swears by m&s being the best fitters ever. So I shall continue to avoid them like the plague and she will continue to shop there.

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 12-Mar-16 11:16:26

SinglePringle I am an E cup in M&S, but a G cup in Bravissimo! An M&S G-cup I bought was enormous on me. I agree their sizing is out, which is why I stick with that one style that I know will be fit and be comfortable.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Sat 12-Mar-16 11:27:51

Yes to the padded thing. My fiend and I asked once, in a large M&S why every bra was made of that mounded stuff. I cannot believe that every woman wants sticky out boobs like that. There really was no answer. Mind you, I'm pretty fed up with M&S altogether these days.

queenoftheworld93 Sat 12-Mar-16 11:45:59

It's the only place I can buy a bra straight off the shelf, even if they are ugly. I'm a 30F.

VoldysGoneMouldy Sat 12-Mar-16 11:49:45

Are you wearing the right size? The wires digging in would suggest not. And don't trust their fittings!

They used to be quite good, shame if they've gone downhill.

EssexGurl Sat 12-Mar-16 13:10:19

I find only M&S bras fit me properly. I have tried all sorts of other makes but always go back to M&S. I do get fitted their regularly and find the style does make a difference on sizing. But I know the style I like and they just fit. Never had itching or rubbing or creaking.

EssexGurl Sat 12-Mar-16 13:11:10

*there. Flipping autocorrect on iPad.

Byrdie Sat 12-Mar-16 13:17:47

To add - m&s make so many different bras but i only really buy one style, the balcony ones and it's unsually in limited edition collection or the per una collection.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 12-Mar-16 13:24:47

Certain shops only cater to certain boob shapes.

Next only cater for square shaped boobs. I tried a few bras in there and they made my boobs into perfect cubes.

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