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To be worried

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futuremrsstinso Fri 11-Mar-16 22:11:12

Me and my ex broke up 13 months ago now. All was quiet for a long time and then kicked off about 3 months ago.

Constant texts and calls. I did eventually agree to meet up with him so we could talk about things in person and said we could be friends but the fact he was texting me constantly. Said I was messing with his head when i stopped replying and threatened to commit suicide.

Called the police who went round and told him not to contact me.

We live in a small (ish) town. Basically three streets running off each other and then offices around the outskirts. Parking Long stay is extortionate i will admit- about £10 a day

Theres two parking areas around the back off where I work that are free. They arent offical car parks but people park there. Theres one and then another around the corner other than that there isnt really any other free parking apart from about a 10 minute walk out of town.

He is parking in the free parking area were I park and hes there at least 3 times a week. Its making me uncomfortable.


Euphemia Fri 11-Mar-16 22:14:35

Is he parking to go somewhere, or to sit in the car/hang around near your house?

ChemicalReaction Fri 11-Mar-16 22:20:49

Have you posted about this previously? I do think you should maybe get the police to have another word.

futuremrsstinso Fri 11-Mar-16 22:33:04

Hes working

Waltermittythesequel Fri 11-Mar-16 22:35:07

He's parking to go to work?

Sorry, I'm not getting it?

ISpeakJive Fri 11-Mar-16 22:35:42

I've read this OP before....

CalleighDoodle Fri 11-Mar-16 22:36:05

Change where you park and see what he does? If he also changes, quick call to the police again as he has form for being controlling. Have you blocked his number now?

NoodleNuts Sat 12-Mar-16 00:55:52

Where would you like him to park? If he was parking up and then sitting in his car and watching you, I could understand it a bit better. But he's parking in one of only two potential free areas and going to work, what's the problem?

Vintage45 Sat 12-Mar-16 01:00:47

Im not getting it either? what "kicked off"? was he controlling when he was with you?

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