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Bloody job hunting...

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HungoverLikeaSpunMoorhenChick Fri 11-Mar-16 13:45:42

Another job I applied for did the shortlisting yesterday, and again I got nothing.

I know it's probably because I'm overqualified (last positions were management, but I want a life again!) and it's not personal, better fit etc etc etc, but God it's depressing.

Ah well, upwards and onwards!

spanglyflip Fri 11-Mar-16 14:32:00

totally get where you're coming from, this is the same problem I had and I needed a less-pressure job in order to conceive my daughter.

I could bang on about this for ages but i'll just say keep trying, eventually someone will realise the benefit of hiring someone with more skills than they need. I got knocked back loads but my current boss felt he was getting more than he paid for when he got me, instead of being intimidated by my experience. It paid off for him as the team had a massive jolt and I dealt with about half the fall out from that, something a typical admin assistant wouldn't have been able to do at all.

And I got pregnant and got my wonderful daughter, so take that you interview panel numpties!!! hahaha, it's nice to have the last laugh for a change :-) :-)

HungoverLikeaSpunMoorhenChick Fri 11-Mar-16 17:38:24

So pleased you got what you wanted (twice!) spangly

I'm probably not doing so well as all my training is on the job, but fuck 'em. Pass the gin! wine

mumofthemonsters808 Fri 11-Mar-16 17:43:34

Tell me about it, the way I feel at the moment, is that I will never work again. I keep telling myself that something has my name on it, but I'm beginning to doubt this will ever happen. Anyway, enough self pity from me. We have no other option other than to keep trying.

pandarific Fri 11-Mar-16 18:11:41

Can you create a separate CV for this kind of job, and take out the extra skills/mask them? If you're sure it's why you're not being hired, it might be worth a go!

HungoverLikeaSpunMoorhenChick Fri 11-Mar-16 21:29:41

Can't really. Previous employment was in a more specialised employer location which would make it obvious I was massaging the facts sadly. <tries not to out self>

TrappedInAWitchesCurse Fri 11-Mar-16 21:41:20

Oh God, I'll be doing this soon. Hate that it is so tough to move sectors/'downsize' jobs. Good luck OP!

spanglyflip Fri 11-Mar-16 22:12:53

thanks hungover, and pandarific is right about the cv unless you've thought of it already

here's a gin for you hungover [shocking lack of mother's ruin emoticon even tho it's MUMsnet!]

pinotnoirismyjam Fri 11-Mar-16 22:18:36

That's really poor - my sympathies.

I work in HR (specialising in recruitment) and would suggest working your reasons for applying for the post into your application where possible. Good recruiters shouldn't discriminate against you for being over-qualified, but an explanation of why you are applying for a role that's a lower salary/level in the application may help. Some recruiters worry that you'll expect to be appointed at an equivalent salary, which can stop them from wanting to shortlist you (not that they should!)

HungoverLikeaSpunMoorhenChick Sun 13-Mar-16 08:05:31

Yeah, I did mention that I'm looking to reduce hours (job was school based) from previous employments - DH and I were out the house between 7 and 7.30pm and not back until 6 - 6.30pm, which wasn't great with a toddler, but concentrated on matching the person specifics...
Guess I'm a bit shit at matching though!

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