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To think my only answer is a gastric band..

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Moomoomango Thu 10-Mar-16 18:35:13

I don't mean on the nhs before we start that debate!

I'm 23 stone with a bmi of 50. In the last ten years I've fluctuated between 13 and 23 stone using ww, sw, low carb, Cambridge diet, etc. I can loose a bit of weight but struggle to keep it off. I have binge eating disorder and have had nlp, counselling, nhs dietitian. I'm at my wits end, Aibu to think gastric band is my only chance?

gingerboy1912 Thu 10-Mar-16 18:39:20

I would consider it yes.

29PaddingtonSt Thu 10-Mar-16 18:51:45

Have you tried gastric band hypnotherapy? That's got to be worth a go before life changing surgery.

29PaddingtonSt Thu 10-Mar-16 18:55:21

Also wanted to say that I know one person with a gastric band and another who has had a gastric bypass. One lost lots of weight very quickly but has now started to gain again. The other has 10st to lose. She rapidly lost two stone but her weight loss is now very slow and up and down. She eats until she is sick and then more goes in. It's not the miracle cure it might seem to be.

MadameJosephine Thu 10-Mar-16 18:59:16

I've just started using the easy loss virtual gastric band hypnotherapy app after it was recommended on here, I've lost 12 pounds so far and it only cost £4.99. On the Facebook support group there are a few people who have had real bands that have failed but are finding the app is working for them. Worth a try?

PinotAndPlaydough Thu 10-Mar-16 19:05:08

I have one, it's not an easy option. I have had it for about 5 years now and have very very slowly lost 6st in that time (might have taken this long as I had to have the band emptied a number of times due to pregnancy and various operations). I am currently in the process of having the band slowly refilled again and while I'm not gaining weight it's not coming off either. You can cheat with a band, chocolate and ice cream in particular will slip right through so you'll still need will power. The full feeling isn't what it used to be so you have to retrain yourself to recognise it. It does also limit you when eating out, I can't risk having bread, rice, steak, lamb etc as I know it could make me throw up if it gets stuck and I am without fail the last person at the table because I have to eat so slowly (my family don't bother to wait for me any more!).
However loosing the initial weight allowed me to fall pregnant, and although I would like to loose another 5st minimum I know it could take a while and that I need to address my willpower issues and start to exercise. I'm glad I had it done but it's not easy.

lougle Thu 10-Mar-16 19:08:10

If you binge then I'm not sure gastric band would be ideal? When you binge you eat beyond the point when you feel full. With a gastric band that point would come sooner but it wouldn't change the way you feel about food or how it meets your emotional needs. Have you had counselling?

johnthepong Thu 10-Mar-16 19:22:26

Why don't you look into the success vs complication rate of gastric bands? They have a very high rate of complications. With a BMI of 50 you should qualify for weight loss surgery on the NHS. You should look into other surgeries with a higher rate if success.
I had weight loss surgery and you couldn't pay me to have a gastric band.

WeMustSurelyBeLearning Thu 10-Mar-16 19:45:06

I know 2 people who have had gastric bands. One was very successful and lost a lot of weight. However, he has recently had it removed or (un filled maybe?)because he was too restricted in what he could eat, to the point that he was vitamin deficient and very gaunt. He pretty much lived off soup.

The other person didn't lose weight because she kept up her bad eating habits and binging, and had it removed after a couple of years.

They aren't a miracle cure IMO but could be useful for kick starting weight loss in conjunction with addressing the issues behind the binging.

ciabattav0nbreadstickz Thu 10-Mar-16 20:29:38

My DM had a gastrc band and, honestly, it nearly killed her. She had a BMI lower than yours though, but she lost a lot of weight very quickly and continued to lose and lose until the point where she 8 stone and was hospitalised because she couldn't keep anyting down, not even water. Her organs started shutting down and she was dangerously dehydrated. The surgeons had to remove the band to save her life.

Don't want to scare you OP just telling my DM's experience because I would hate for anyone else to suffer like she did. Obviously her case was quite extreme and it works for a lot of people but I'd be very careful. Good luck!

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