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to be worried about my baby

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Summerblaze100 Thu 10-Mar-16 09:16:10

I have just caught a cold/virus from my DC and yesterday my temp went up to 38.09. I am currently around 6 weeks pg and i was in my 28th day past conception which I know is a bad time for neural tube defects.

I treated it with paracetamol and it did come down within the hour but not sure how long it had been up before that.

Now I'm very worried that I should have done something else or I should do something now. Temp has been fine since and is ok now.

MartinaJ Thu 10-Mar-16 09:22:12

There's nothing you do right now except for concentrating on getting better now. That would mean plenty of rest, nutritious food and not googling stuff and reading books tracing every second of fetal development.
If you feel that something is wrong, go and talk to your GP. Otherwise stop worrying. Your books have probably also advised that a stressed mother-to-be has a negative impact on her baby.

PumpkinPie2013 Thu 10-Mar-16 12:49:20

Please try not to worry smile paracetamol are fine to take in pregnancy and you need to get better quickly so that you are healthy for the baby.

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