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to suggest to think that im loving the highs of infatuation

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mydshines Wed 09-Mar-16 23:55:44

i am in a loveless relationship at the moment. i have tried everything to accept him to make him want to do more. We don't have sex period. I have tried believe me and i love him dearly but it started to grate on me we had sex last then 6 times in nearly 2 years.

he knows that i pissed off about it. we have done the talking bit and i learned for our little family unit your better off just to accept it and move on.
my friend needed urgent repairs to her house while dealing with a crisis i step in and just basically open the door for her tradesmen and check in. well one day this tradesman came in and made me blush by complementing me and i was wearing my scruffs and i responded to him im in my scruffs to which he replied you are still pretty to me.

from that moment on it has like lit a fire in my life. He knows i am with someone and he is is with someone and he is quite a bit older than me.
i just feel so enamored by him .
i wanted to know more about I made my excuses to go over frequently all dressed up just to see him.
i just feel this amazing high it like it just feel so good, he is so charming i feel like he put me under this spell and i want more of it.
of course i will not leave my fiance or him either but i feel i could have the best of both worlds every now and then type of thing,
his work will be finishing soon and i just feel so sad about that the thoughts of not seeing him makes me sad
but we have not done anything but it doesn't stop me dreaming

ilovesooty Thu 10-Mar-16 00:32:33

Of course I will not leave my fiancé

Even though you're in a loveless relationship?

BaronessBomburst Thu 10-Mar-16 00:36:51

I think to get it published, it'll need to be a bit longer OP.

AnyFucker Thu 10-Mar-16 00:37:49

Yeah yeah

< crump >

ilovesooty Thu 10-Mar-16 00:39:03

They let people publish any old crap on Amazon Kindle. I agree it will have to be a bit longer though. grin

FattyNinjaOwl Thu 10-Mar-16 00:39:19


SilverBirchWithout Thu 10-Mar-16 00:40:38

What are scruffs?

SilverBirchWithout Thu 10-Mar-16 00:41:30

Maybe it needs a glossary.

ilovesooty Thu 10-Mar-16 00:41:43

Who else is in our little family unit?

FattyNinjaOwl Thu 10-Mar-16 00:46:11

What trade does the tradesman do?
How often does your friend have a problem that you need to be there, I'm presuming, on more than one occasion, to open the door?
Why where you in your scruffs if you were going to someone else's house and knowing that you would have to interact with people?

mydshines Thu 10-Mar-16 00:51:53

she was in hospital recovery was un expected but ok now. she called me in a panic as she knows i know her alarm code and didnt want them to know so was at a lazy end one day shame on me .
turned up at the door with my disgusting tracksuit the shame
she was going to cancel but i told her i am at a loose end and i sort and be fine when you get home

mydshines Thu 10-Mar-16 00:56:56

he was rewiring her house and it just dropped ds off and head to the house let them in and etc but the next thing i knew i was rocking up with high heels just utter madness
but the fact was i enjoyed the thrill of it that yes i am a bit fanciable and it did inspired me to look better and enjoy it.

FattyNinjaOwl Thu 10-Mar-16 00:57:36

So, she wasn't expected to recover, but still wanted to make sure the repair men were let in?
Fucking hell. If that were me I wouldn't even be thinking of the repairs.
And if my friend phoned me from hospital, in such a bad way they weren't expected to recover, I wouldn't be offering to house sit, I would be at the hospital with them.

mydshines Thu 10-Mar-16 01:06:39

sorry i dont think i was being very clear.
she was very sick and in hospital and remembered she paid for electrican company to sort our her death trap of electricity and i said no no no its better for you to stay in the hospital and get well while i sort them out as i was at the loose end and she knows she can trust me with alarm code and key etc etc

ilovesooty Thu 10-Mar-16 01:07:40

I am a bit fanciable

Love it.

FattyNinjaOwl Thu 10-Mar-16 01:31:43

Fanciable is a good word.
She was very sick in hospital, yet still this company was on her mind? Surely she would be more worried about her family, or pets, not the electric... I wouldn't be thinking about it. I would deal with that when I had recovered.

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