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to want to slob around at home

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mommy2ash Wed 09-Mar-16 22:41:30

I'm sick I've been sick since Sunday with no sign of any let up. I can't sleep as keep waking up in pain can't eat due to swollen throat I'm dizzy, can't concentrate blocked nose and sinus I'm both hot and cold and have pains up my arms and legs.

I work for a company that don't have any sick days and want you in work regardless of how sick you are. I took one day off and this caused hassle for me when I went back

I'm a single parent also so have been trying to take care of my dd in between

My parents asked us to stay tonight and said they would take car of me but on the way there my dad gave me a lecture about sucking it up and not acting sick for the night. I told him I would just go home then cos I am sick and have to suck it up all day and now I want to throw myself down somewhere and feel sorry for myself. He had already put my dd to bed so I can't go home. My mom wouldn't let me sleep in her bed so she is going up with my dd and I have to couch, only she won't go to bed for ages so I'm stuck watching tv when I need to be resting

I'm guessing they meant well by having us stay but this really wasn't my idea of someone taking care of me.

Also my lovely doctor didn't have an appointment till Friday so I'm getting by on painkillers and other assorted medicines till then

Aibu to never let them take care of me again

Birdsgottafly Wed 09-Mar-16 23:20:14

No, your not.

It would have been better for them to take your DD and leave you to rest, if they wasn't going to take on board how ill you are.

Let's hope that they make it up tomorrow and you can get in the bed your DD is in, in the morning, if you need to.

mommy2ash Wed 09-Mar-16 23:24:40

I've work again tomorrow so won't be able to rest. I've dosed off on the couch a few times waiting for my mom to go to bed. Still no movement.

Stanky Thu 10-Mar-16 05:19:23

Hope you get well soon OP. I've got a similar illness this week, and have now lost my hearing from the infection in my ears. Luckily I only worked 1 day this week, as I had holiday, but the kids still need looking after and things. I would love to just slob around this week. Keep yourself dosed up, and hope you feel better. flowers

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