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To feel guilty but not know what else I can do

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sarahjanesarahjane Wed 09-Mar-16 16:44:25

I am a teacher and have been preparing some students exams in September and SATs. I have been with them for 4-6 mths. I have a work project on in a few weeks' time so planned to take time off for this. Informed all relevant parties. However work project has now been significantly brought forward and I am going to have to stop lessons for approx 11 weeks instead of 6 with immediate effect. Obviously very short notice too. Have provided students with schemes of work etc. etc., as well as info on how they can catch up in my absence. Have suggested they seek alternative tutoring too. AIBU? Worried I have let them down.

sarahjanesarahjane Wed 09-Mar-16 16:45:01

BTW should add these are all private 1:1 classes.

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