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with my paranoid thoughts

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mia101982 Wed 09-Mar-16 15:57:11

Ok girls bit sleep deprived with new baby so forgive me for being anxious etc. The school gates always make me anxious for some reason. Always worrying what others think etc. However I just smile at everyone and talk to the same few people every day. One of the girls I got friendly with, met for coffee etc suddenly isn't as chatty anymore. Her kid runs in from the gate himself whereas she used to come with her and we chat etc. Now at home time she sits in her car until the very last minute so again never gets to chat anymore. She does however always greet me and wave etc. I know deep down her kid is probably getting older so no need to wait with her in the mornings & at pick up time maybe she is just happy to wait in car out of cold etc. I however of course think she now doesn't like me r that I have said something to offend her. But surely if she still greeting me that is not the case right? Oh gosh my head over thinks way too much

MadSprocker Wed 09-Mar-16 21:27:26

Could be hormones making your thinking a bit paranoid? Or perhaps she feels the same about the school run and now her daughter is older she is taking refuge in her car?

GonzoFlyingProducts Thu 10-Mar-16 02:22:48

You are way over thinking it...
If you haven't currently got any bigger fish to fry than this then expand your life and grip it by the horns... : )

comedycentral Thu 10-Mar-16 03:28:40

I sit in my car at the moment until the last minute as it's so cold! I bet that's why.

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