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to not know how to get to/from the airport?

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cjt110 Wed 09-Mar-16 13:41:51

We go away in June. Me, DH, DS(will then be 20m), DF and DM.

I am totally stuck on getting to/from the airport.

Easiest option - Train £80 return for us all. Fine. But coming home, we land at 00.50 and the first train back is at approx. 04.22. Bollocks. So thats 3 hours from landing time to getting the train. Say 1 hour to collect luggage, still leaves us stuck in a cold train station at that time of night with DS.

We have an estate car but we cannot all fit in with the luggage etc. Plus, DH doesnt really fancy being knackered and having to drive home.

So, taxi. Probably the same cost-ish as the trains but no child seat for DS?

Any suggestions? I can't see any way other than the train sad

gymboywalton Wed 09-Mar-16 13:43:04

taxi and don't worry about the car seat as it's a one off

waffilyversati1e Wed 09-Mar-16 13:44:44

No way of getting a roof rack? We have always liked to do the pay and stay parking so we drive down the night before, park the car and stay in a premier inn or similar. Far less stressful!

How far do you have to travel? Which airport?

waffilyversati1e Wed 09-Mar-16 13:45:50

taxi and don't worry about the car seat as it's a one off

I wouldn't do this.

FuckyNell Wed 09-Mar-16 13:46:33

Wow how much stuff are you taking? 😀

Roof rack for sure.

Oysterbabe Wed 09-Mar-16 13:47:02

How much stuff address you taking?!
You MUST use a car seat, ignore the pp.

PurpleDaisies Wed 09-Mar-16 13:47:07

taxi and don't worry about the car seat as it's a one off

Those one off car crashes are guaranteed not to hurt anyone. hmm

Oysterbabe Wed 09-Mar-16 13:47:20

* are you

LittleBlackTrilby Wed 09-Mar-16 13:47:34

I would do taxi; you can take children in a taxi without a car seat. And there' not likely to be crazy traffic on the roads at that time of night.

Gardencentregroupie Wed 09-Mar-16 13:47:39

Taxi and leave the car seat in the left luggage if the airport has one?

RumbleMum Wed 09-Mar-16 13:47:50

I'd go with taxi. Could you use the same company there and back and ask them to hold on to the car seat? One of our local companies did this for us.

Bigger companies often have toddler car seats - or at least booster seats which are better than nothing, though it makes me jiffly.

cjt110 Wed 09-Mar-16 13:47:52

It would be from Huddersfield to Manchester Airport so about 40 miles/1hour on the M62, M60 and other motorways.

The issue is more the getting back and I assume you can't check into hotels at 2am?

Gizlotsmum Wed 09-Mar-16 13:48:24

Could you stay in a hotel near the airport? Hire a larger car for the trips?

PurpleDaisies Wed 09-Mar-16 13:48:53

Airport hotels (actually most hotels) will have 24hr check in if you let them know.

liz70 Wed 09-Mar-16 13:49:23

Ask the taxi firm if they will provide a seat, or if they will store your child seat while you're away - a local firm did this for us when we went abroad when DD3 was three.

Alternatively, could you stick it out at the airport lounge until it's near time to catch your train? Surely that would be preferable to waiting at the train station.

Danglyweed Wed 09-Mar-16 13:51:23

We always prebook a local firm to go both ways, they supply our two older dd's booster seats, we then take our dt's baby seats and the driver takes them home and obv brings them back when picking us up.

itssnowjoke Wed 09-Mar-16 13:51:27

You can check into hotels at 2am as long as they know you are coming. Especially somewhere with a 24 hour reception like premier inn etc.

We have done it and its common near the airport. Just ring and tell them so that they know you are coming

HelloCanYouHearMe Wed 09-Mar-16 13:51:29

You dont need a child seat in a taxi. Its not ideal....

NynaevesSister Wed 09-Mar-16 13:51:34

Find a service local to you that does airport runs and is recommended by people you know or locals (try your local Facebook group) and get one that can offer a car seat. Make sure you confirm that a car seat is required. Email all requirements so it is in writing. Ask for the driver's mobile number and text message a reminder before you leave the other country.

whois Wed 09-Mar-16 13:51:44

You DH and baby drive and leave car in parking.
Your parents get a taxi - easy for 2 and they have no car seat to worry about.

2. You address how much luggage you're taking and drive everyone.

3. Taxi firm and book one that has car seats.

4. Taxi firm and don't worry about the car seat.

Pounamu Wed 09-Mar-16 13:52:30

We have taken a taxi to the airport before with a small baby. We pre-booked our return taxi through the same company, we then used our own car seat for the trip to the airport. The taxi company took the car seat back with them and looked after it in their office while we were away, then brought it to the airport when they came to pick us up. I don't think they charged us extra to store it, but just make sure it's clearly labelled with your details

LizzieMacQueen Wed 09-Mar-16 13:53:17

Do you need a car seat when on holiday? I think the air carrier has to allow you one that doesn't have to be part of your luggage allowance.

cjt110 Wed 09-Mar-16 13:53:20

Not a lot of stuff for 5 of us - 2 large suitcases plus hand luggage and a pram.

No way on gods earth would I risk taking my son in a car without a carseat and Im loathe to ask a taxi firm to hold onto it for us. (DH and I are both child seat trained so very precious about childseats being damaged) I am doomed sad

Purple Thats worth knowing. I assumed you couldnt.

Liz Not sure there is a lounge in the arrivals bit? Will give that a look up. Good suggestion!

Brightnorthernlights Wed 09-Mar-16 13:53:49

Taxis around here all have car seats, you just have to request them. Last year we used our own car seat, the taxi firm took it away & bought it back at pick up. I'm sure if you speak to a firm they will do this for you.

CaffeineBomb Wed 09-Mar-16 13:54:12

Taxi. Legally you don't need to use a car seat in one although it's not ideal as a pp said

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