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WIBU to buy this mattress?

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Alexa444 Tue 08-Mar-16 23:29:41

Posting shamelessly for traffic.

I've been looking for a new mattress for months now and am at the stage where I'm waking up in pain every morning and not really getting a good night's sleep without being drugged to the gills. I do have issues with my neck meaning that I need a specific type of mattress with plenty of support. I found one I like in a well known but expensive store but it is nearly twice the budget I set myself! £800. That is just the mattress, no base and only a small double. They also charge £80 for a "care plan" instead of having a guarantee. The manufacturer's warranty is only 1 year. They do have a comfort guarantee though where you keep it for a month and if it isn't comfortable you can swap it for another and pay the excess.

I do have the money but I have a couple of other expensive outgoings in the next few months and am wondering if IABU to spend this much on it. Other stores do have similar for half the price and free delivery with 5 year warranty but I don't drive and they are difficult to get to. Would take me a good hour just to get to the town and then I don't know where the store is or how to get to it.

I know a good bed is an investment but am I being a fool to spend that much? What would you all do?

Oldraver Tue 08-Mar-16 23:31:43

Google the mattress to see if its cheaper anywhere else

StickyToffeePuddingAndCustard Tue 08-Mar-16 23:35:32

Spend whatever you can afford on the mattress, getting the best quality you can at your budget. Skimp on the bedframe or use the mattress on the floor for a month or two until you can afford a base.

It is worth checking the web for the model number that you want. There are lots of online bedstores who will deliver, some free.

chocolatespiders Tue 08-Mar-16 23:45:36

Spend what you can on a mattress.
Would a person and a van be an option for collection if found cheaper elsewhere.

Alexa444 Tue 08-Mar-16 23:51:32

I have checked online and they are the only ones who carry it. I think it might be exclusive to them. It is really the lack of a proper warranty that puts me off spending so much.

I already have a divan base that is only 2 years old, so perfectly fine.

PennyHasNoSurname Tue 08-Mar-16 23:54:21

Have you tried IKEA mattresses? They have 25 year guarantee on them, and you could always find a nice downy topper to put on it?

Alexa444 Wed 09-Mar-16 00:04:58

They don't have any with the kind of support I need from them penny I need an orthopedic mattress with either memory foam or latex layer. Preferably pocket sprung rather than open coil.

WonkoTheSane42 Wed 09-Mar-16 00:13:25

My last two mattresses have been memory foam ones from Ergoflex. They're on sale just now, and you can send it back within 30 days if it's not right for you. I don't have any specific back problems mind.

Yohoodlum Wed 09-Mar-16 00:14:23

What about a god quality memory foam topper instead?

MissBeaHaving Wed 09-Mar-16 00:20:34

What make is the mattress Alexa?
It's an awful lot to pay for just a mattress with a one year warranty,that would worry me a bit.
Are there any reviews online for it?

MinecraftyMum Wed 09-Mar-16 00:22:20

you can send it back within 30 days if it's not right for you


I had no idea you could do this anywhere. We've needed a new mattress for a while now but I keep putting it off out of fear of getting the wrong one.

The last few times we've been away (random places - a couple of hotels/BnB's/holiday parks) I've often woken up with horrendous neck pain and a killer headache, which I just know is the mattress disagreeing with me. But I have no idea what type of mattress does suit me - they all feel comfy when you're just sitting on it for a minute to test it out! And ours is so over the hill, I can't remember whether it was soft/hard/firm/whatever to begin with hmm

Anyway, i'm off to search mattress shops that you can return them to!

DementedUnicorn Wed 09-Mar-16 01:50:20

Do it! My dad always said to spend what you can on good shoes and mattresses because if you're not in one you're in the other. It really is worth the investment and this is from someone who's a total cheapskate

goddessofsmallthings Wed 09-Mar-16 02:20:32

QVC sell Sealy and Magniflex mattresses which you can try for 30 days before returning. As far I'm aware, they will collect the item but do check with their excellent Customer Service department:

PastaLaFeasta Wed 09-Mar-16 02:37:25

We have a Rest Assured mattress with latex and I find it comfy and supportive - I have a bad back so know the drugged feeling well, no mattress would save me some nights. It's the 1400 pocket sprung but they do a 2000 which I presume is more supportive. It's nearly six years old and I think from Tesco, it's about half the price. But it is very personal, DH is much heavier and you can tell which side he sleeps on, it's not as supportive for him. More expensive isn't necessarily better/value for money but checking reviews helps. I did try a memory foam topper at one point but found it too soft which caused more pain in my unstable pelvis.

ceres Wed 09-Mar-16 07:48:36

We have a latex mattress - no springs, just latex. It is very supportive and we have had it for around five years now. Latex mattresses are supposed to last approx twenty years. It was very expensive but is worth every penny.

19lottie82 Wed 09-Mar-16 08:14:08

If you can return it within 30 days if you don't like it so why not? If it's worth the money you will know and if not then you can return it?

A little tip, the sales people will he chomping at the bit for an £800 sale so try and haggle a bit, ask them to throw on the care plan and free delivery.

allypally999 Wed 09-Mar-16 08:53:49

Have you tried it out or is this all online? I have back and neck problems and we bought 3 progressively more expensive mattresses before I found one I could sleep on without walking up in agony (and I did spend a lot of time in the shops trying them out). If you can afford the good one go for it I say.

Alexa444 Wed 09-Mar-16 11:30:40

It is in a shop yes, I won't buy online as I need to try them out. Can tell straight away if it will be too soft. It is called Therapur and only Dreams seem to sell it.

It has 160 odd reviews 150 of them good/excellent.

I don't think I know how to haggle lol, how do you do it without being cheeky?

FelineLou Wed 09-Mar-16 13:03:21

if you have a doctor's diiagnosis (paperwork) dreams will sell without vat - LARGE REDUCTION THERE.
I got an electric bed that way.

allypally999 Wed 09-Mar-16 13:10:41

Yes no VAT thing ... I didn't know about that but don't have a disabled badge or anything so might not get it

Good luck!

ConkersDontScareSpiders Wed 09-Mar-16 15:38:56

For the poster googling mattresses you can return after 30 days-ikea offer that service.

Alexa444 Wed 09-Mar-16 16:20:29

That is only for adjustable beds feline and I am not considered disabled. Just in chronic pain.

SquinkiesRule Wed 09-Mar-16 17:39:17

I have a Rest assured with a memory foam top and my back loves it. I was having awful back and hip pain and now its gone. Have a look in local bed shops then have a lie down on them all. Cheaper too.

chocolatespiders Wed 09-Mar-16 18:11:33

Have you looked at IKEA mattresses they have various different ones reasonably priced.

purpleporpoise Wed 09-Mar-16 18:15:08

Not all bed shops let you return the mattress if it's no good. My friend bought one from a local independent shop and she hates it. It's giving her neck and back ache and they won't take it back. She asked them a few days after purchase

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